3 Reasons Why VoIP is Best For Your Busines

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telephone connection that works over the internet. The data or voice messages are sent digitally using the Internet Protocol (IP) instead of the analogue telephone lines.

VoIP lets people talk to other people located in different parts of the world without paying for international or long-distance charges.

In using VoIP, you will need an internet connection, a computer, and VoIP software. Also, you will need an analogue telephone adapter, a microphone, and a VoIP telephone.

Many VoIP programs like VOIPTech’s Wave lets you use any device with an internet connection to make VoIP calls. Wave is a new VoIP phone system designed to offer a flexible, secure, and simple phone system to MSMEs.

Should you use VoIP in your Business?

All kinds of businesses can use VoIP telephone systems. Whether you own a small, medium or large enterprise, the internet telephony and VoIP intercom are equally beneficial for all.

Apart from lower cost on calls, you can have a unique number for your company instead of the personal numbers for your employees. This call feature allows a client to call a number, especially the executives through their devices.

VoIP phone system offers other benefits like clear voice quality needed in:

  • E-commerce – The best VoIP system like VOIPTech allows E-commerce businesses to beat their competitors by offering fast speed connection.

Customers require answers to their questions fast and in the case of traditional phone systems, it is impossible to offer quick services at minimum rates.

  • Customer service  – For the majority of businesses, customer service centres around telephones. It is important to use a VoIP business phone that can best serve the purpose.

Customers call businesses to ask for help in troubleshooting issues, get personalised solutions, and resolve problems. Through VoIP, companies can minimise waiting hours and transfer calls to trained agents using the live call monitoring feature, and access to voicemails through emails.

  • Hospitality businesses  – Hotels provide their clients with an extraordinary experience by using VoIP intercom within their premises to connect with guests and employees.


Other industries can benefit from VoIP services as it allows companies to make calls using the internet instead of traditional landlines.

Your industry can gain a lot from the features offered by VoIP service providers like:-

Reasons to Voip img 1



A VoIP service provider like VOIPTech’s Wave is a cloud-based phone system specifically designed for small industries, including –

Reasons to Voip img 2


Business Gains of VoIP Systems

If you compare VoIP vs landline for business, there are numerous advantages that VoIP systems have over landlines

  • Fixing Communication Problems

VoIP systems let employees communicate with one another even when they are at home, travelling, in other offices, and even when they are not at their desks. In VoIP vs landline, a noteworthy feature of the VoIP system is that it allows employees to hold conference calls without paying any extra amount.

Moreover, VoIP lets employees use their personal devices like desktop, mobile phones, and phones instead of landline phones. VoIP saves on costs because you do not have to provide every employee with a separate phone. When we talk about VoIP vs landline for business, another benefit of VoIP is that a business saves more on call charges.

Traditional phone carriers charge per minute, especially for international calls, and farther the distance, the rates increase.

Note:  Wave VoIP phones are a robust solution for businesses to need the optimum benefits of VoIP phones and want to contribute to communication efficiency.

  • Improving Customer Support

VoIP systems help businesses enhance their customer support. Whenever a customer calls at the company’s VoIP number, the call is automatically diverted to the concerned contact personnel who is free at that moment and can attend to the queries of the customer. VoIP eliminates the need for the customer to interact with automated customer service, which is generally undesirable.

Customers nowadays want to talk to a real person about their problems and receive personalised answers to their queries. Calls can be recorded for training purposes as well as for reviewing the performance of customer care executives. Recorded calls can be used for understanding customer behaviour and assess their requirements in a better way.

Internet telephony is significantly faster and clearer, providing HD voice quality. Service providers like VoIPTech offer numerous VoIP telephone system feature like


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  • Easier Monitoring

VoIP systems have built-in call recording features that are beneficial for improving customer care of employees towards their customers. Customers can come up with problematic situations and it can be difficult for a new employee to use a VoIP business phone.

However, if they have access to recorded calls of similar nature, they can solve problems in the best way possible and according to the standards of business. Recorded calls can find ways to improve your customer service by considering instant customer feedback over the phone or messages followed by calls. These call recordings can be used to identify common problems that customers are facing and solve it for them.

Deciding To Get VoIP For Your Business?

Choosing the best VoIP telephone system can be challenging for you because of various VoIP telephone system features offered by service providers. There are plenty of VoIP service providers.

However, VOIPTech’s Wave stands out amongst its competitors in this aspect.

VoIP is quick to set up as it is more secured, requires less to no maintenance, and extremely convenient for beginners.

If you have not switched to VoIP services until now, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

  • Business budget – Although VoIP calls are more cost-effective than landline phones, VoIP service provides companies with numerous benefits. Due to increased competition, companies offer a variety of plans with different features and charges. You will find a plan from 100 free minutes a month to unlimited free minutes. VOIPTech’s Wave is a VoIP service provider that lets you get all the features in every plan that it offers.
  • Desired features – Depending on your business needs, your choice of plan would vary. Features that you can avail include-:
  • Unlimited call recording
  • Free message exchange
  • Conference calls
  • Custom hold music.

Different plans provide various sets of features. While choosing a plan, you should pay attention to your future uses as well. The plan should allow you to grow as a business and not limit your activities. So, having additional features from a VoIP service provider would be a great choice.

  • Demonstration of the product – As a new user, you may want assistance from your service provider regarding its services on how to use wireless VoIP phones and wifi VoIP phones. Pay attention to how friendly and reachable the executives of the company are.

Many service providers do not provide complete support which is crucial to resolve your problems. You should receive comprehensive support from them throughout the day, especially if you operate a global business. 

  • Payment process – Some service providers ask for yearly payment while others require monthly payments. Depending on the term of the plan, you would be required to pay. Your service provider may ask you to use your credit card or PayPal details and deduct monthly fees automatically.

The benefit of choosing a monthly payment is that you can change your service provider immediately if you are not satisfied with the services.

If you subscribe to a yearly plan and are not happy with the services you are being offered, you will either have to wait for the term to end before switching to a different provider.


Whether you are a small-scale business or a large company, VoIP services can make your business communication easier for you.

Unlike traditional landlines, a WiFi VoIP phone can be used anywhere and anytime that eliminates missing important calls from clients. VoIP services are significantly reasonable. Before choosing the VoIP service, you should consider call quality, cost, customer support, and payment systems.

VoIPTech’s Wave offers HD call quality without any background noise, overlapping of words, and lags, which is necessary if your business involves interacting with customers during the day. You can also avail wireless VoIP phones from VoIPTech’s Wave.

Wave allows you to record unlimited calls, which is useful for training new employees, reviewing customer problems, and monitoring of employee behaviour towards customers.

Wave offers numerous features like intelligent call routing, custom hold music, HD audio, custom voicemail, conference calls, video calls, and instant messaging.

If you want to benefit from seamless VoIP services, go through plans offered by Wave right away and ask for their free demonstration.

Connect with Wave right away to reap the optimal benefits of revolutionary VoIP phones.


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