VoIP Telephone Systems vs Landline Phones

Battle Of Phone System: VoIP Telephone Systems Versus Landline

Communication technology has evolved.

Telephone systems have paved the way for better communication providing a seamless way to connect people in the different parts of the world.

When it comes to the telephone systems, two major contenders have been competing for their prominence in the business world. Both business telephone systems offer distinctive communication solutions for an organization that are beneficial in different ways.

The two conventional telephone technologies are VoIP telephone systems and landline phones.

Traditional landline phones are connected with copper wires that offer a secure and stable connection.

On the other hand, VoIP business telephone systems is an internet-dependent telephone system that transmits voice through data. VoIP is an advanced communication technology that’s the first choice of the majority of businesses due to its multiple benefits.

There are so many reasons why businesses decide to shift to VoIP as a way towards making effective business communication.

Landline vs VoIP

Landline and hosted VoIP telephone system are different from one another and serve other purposes as well. You need to understand the fundamental difference between these two communication technologies to find the ideal solution for your organization. Let’s compare the features and capabilities of the landline and VoIP office telephone systems.

Landline: The Copper Wired Communication

A landline phone system is a multi-line communication system that businesses use as their primary source of telecommunication.

The landline business phone system’s size varies according to the size of the company. For instance, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is ideal for an organization with hundreds of employees.

Secure And stable Connection

The traditional landline telephone system is connected with copper cable wires that facilitates easy and secure connection. There are fewer chances of hacking as there will be no loopholes to breach into analogue signalling. As it is a wired connection, there will be more reliability on the stability of the connection.


Unlike other phone systems, the landline telephone system is here to stay. They are the most durable phone systems that can be used for years. Due to the wired connection, they provide efficient and long-lasting communication services than wireless ones. You just need to follow the correct maintenance and service tips to ensure its durability and longevity.

Additional calling features

With the landline business telephone system, you can enjoy conference calls, voicemail, emergency calls, etc. These additional features enhance the capabilities of a landline telephone system and make it a preferred choice for business companies.

VoIP: The Internet-Based Telephone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems has been significantly dominating business communication with its multiple benefits.

There are no doubts in asserting that VoIP solutions have replaced the traditional landline phone system considerably. It is quite evident that the digital business realm is continuously searching for a global and reliable approach to their communication needs. It is one of the primary reasons why businesses are shifting towards VoIP. Furthermore, the VoIP telephone systems for small businesses has helped in leveraging the potentials of budding companies.

“78% of small businesses that adopted VoIP have witnessed a 28% increase in their sales due to efficient communication”. – financeonline.com 

Automated attendant

It is quite challenging to channel efficient communication in different departments of an organization. VoIP emerges with a solution of automated attendance. An auto attendant receives calls and routes them according to their right extensions or departments. This way, you can efficiently manage the calling without having to differentiate the requests for different departments.

Call recording

If you are discussing something important on the phone, a VoIP phone system lets you record your calls so you can hear them later. It is one of the efficient features of VoIP business phones that is also used for training and quality assurance purposes.

Caller ID

VoIP phone system assigns individual identities to each phone that includes the name and the phone number. It helps in determining the identity of the person/company calling before answering it. VoIP caller ID feature is also used for blocking unknown and anonymous calls.

Multi call function

VoIP calls are best known for their quality and enhanced features. They are capable of channelling multiple functions that include multi-way calling, video calls, call conferencing, call hold and transfer, etc.

Features beyond calling

With VoIP, you can enjoy features more than just calling. You can avail of features like voice mail, email, text messaging, fax, etc. All these features are crucial for business communication making VoIP an ideal solution for the business.

Integrated software

You can enhance the capabilities and functions of a VoIP telephone system by integrating third-party software. There are different software meant for different purposes that can be integrated into a VoIP business phone system, such as CRM tools, email marketing software, sales software, etc.

Why VoIP Telephone Systems are Better Than Landline Telephone Systems?

Compared to the features of landline, VoIP lists more reasons why businesses must shift to VoIP in order to enjoy its benefits.


One of the primary reasons behind the wide popularity of VoIP in businesses is its massive cost saving. Whether it is the setup, running or maintenance cost, VoIP is way more pocket friendly and surprisingly cost-efficient than a traditional landline. VoIP has low call rates, even for international calling. Furthermore, a hosted VoIP telephone system gives you more capabilities of saving on your part.


Scalability is one of the essential factors that determine the efficiency of a business telephone system. Compared to a landline, VoIP can offer you multiple call handling and effortless interconnectivity among departments and other offices. You can also add additional phone sets and even wired phones lines with VoIP to expand your communication channel.


When it comes to portability, the traditional landline telephone system can disappoint you. VoIP, on the other hand, is efficient in portability. Being a wireless and internet-dependent telephone, there’s not much that you need to worry about its portability. Use and access its services on desktop, tablet, and smartphones.


VoIP has significantly replaced and outnumbered the calling experience for the business landscape. VoIP converts the analogue signals of data packets that are transferred in a network. From enhanced calling experience to enriching VoIP calling features, the VoIP phone system has changed the face of business communication for the better.

VoIP or Landline: Which is Better For Your Business Communication?

The technology is treading at a lightning-fast pace, and businesses must catch up with speed. The communication technology is evolving with time, and VoIP is the current face of business communication.

A VoIP system is capable of transforming the communication infrastructure of an organization and make it more potent for further innovations. A majority of businesses have already shifted to the VoIP phone system, and it is high time that you start thinking about VoIP phone service.

Switching to VoIP is not a strenuous task that will restrain you from taking such decisions.

For a VoIP telephone system in the UK, you need to contact your  VoIP provider who will take care of everything to make your business communication more efficient. There are a few things that companies must look into to ensure a smooth transition from landline to VoIP phone system.

Network stability: It is essential to ensure a stable network connection to implement VoIP.

Bandwidth: Apart from a stable connection, VoIP calls demand a certain bandwidth. Hence, it is important to decide on the bandwidth.

Security: As VoIP is internet dependent, it is important to ensure the security to prevent cyber threats and breaches.

Budget: VoIP is a cost-efficient and long term saving for businesses. There are a few upfront costs during the upgrade.

Staff training: It is important to train the employees to ensure successful integration. Make your staff familiar with the VoIP phone system to put it to good use.

Shifting from landline to VoIP can bring benefits to your business in plenty of ways. From enhanced productivity, better-calling experience, cost efficiency to a streamlined communication channel, a VoIP phone system can provide your business with several communication advantages.

The Bottom Line

Global businesses are embracing the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone system to establish a staunch communication infrastructure in their organizations.

VoIP has certainly replaced landline phone systems with efficient communication solutions.

It is the right time that businesses should realize the benefits of VoIP as it has been providing an efficient communication channel that leads to productivity. Businesses must adopt VoIP phone systems by contacting their VoIP service providers.

So if you are looking for efficient VoIP telephone systems in the UK that can help your business grow, you can think about turning to the Wave Phone System. It is a revolutionary phone system for business enterprises who are aiming to grow in the market and enhance their communication infrastructure. Simple, secure and flexible are the words that completely define Wave Phone System.

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Switch to Wave now and embrace the VoIP technology at its best!

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