Communications Solutions for Healthcare

Enhance patient-provider communications and collaboration.

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Delivering cost-effective and IT-friendly communications solutions to the Healthcare Sector

Enhance your patient-provider interaction and accelerate communication in the healthcare setting by optimising patient engagement through our cloud-based system solutions.

We provide advanced cloud communications solutions for healthcare providers. Our integrated solutions can help improve patient-provider communications and enhance external collaboration in healthcare delivery.

We provide innovative solutions for your admin staff in the medical field. Our package features include:

Automated Attendant Services – Patient calls can be routed effectively because our system automates employee’s availability to respond to daily and emergency calls.

Follow-Up Care Support – With our system, you can set-up a healthcare communication platform where the patient can log into a user-dedicated portal to navigate follow-up care.

Stable and Reliable Internet Connectivity – With VoIPTech, you never have to worry about unstable connectivity to different communication lines. We offer just the right broadband.

Smart Scheduling – Our system comes with an intuitive appointment scheduling tool that can open new channels (like webchat) and route patient portal to the appropriate facility representative.

Easy-to-Use Interface – Use efficient and responsive platforms designed for novice and casual users that is easy to navigate through.

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