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Case Study Barristers Chambers

VoipTech provide Unified Communications and Managed Services to high-profile customers across industries. We provide, innovative solutions and diverse product portfolio to offer more to our customers using our strategic partners.

The business benefits

These solutions offer examples of how we can now deliver peace of mind for our customers. ‘It’s critical for us to know that the solutions we deliver to our customers both save them money and are built on a robust and secure technology platform.’ ‘If there are any issues, our customers know they have access to a 24 / 7 UK-based service desk, manned by IT experts who will deal with their queries on the same day they raise them. Before we implemented these solutions, these customers had multiple legacy systems, clouds and vendors to contend with; now, they have one cloud and one vendor – and that gives them peace of mind.’

Our client trusts us not only to deliver solutions, but to keep an eye on them after they’ve gone live.


Cloud Migration, Installation of Future-Proof Solution,  Best of Breed Communications Technology.

A barristers’ chamber internationally recognised as a leading family law set, wanted to install top quality communications technology, future proofed with the organisation’s continual future growth in mind. They also wanted to move everything into a managed cloud environment, enabling them to avoid having to bring in external IT teams in the event of any technical issues.


High Speed, Resilient , Scalable Connectivity. UC-One Licenses; managed LAN with high-speed WiFi

For the barristers’ chamber, we have installed:

• High-speed, resilient and scalable business connectivity supporting 80 barristers

• UC-One licenses for the chamber’s many legal clerks to speed knowledge sharing

• Managed LAN with high-speed WiFi

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Case Study Social housing provider

Social housing provider that owns over 6,000 homes and 30 sheltered housing schemes. They were saddled with an outdated, and therefore highly costly and fragile, phone system. They wanted to drive communications (and ultimately their entire infrastructure) into the cloud. Their primary motivation here was to maximise cost-efficiency, in part by taking some of the complexity out of their IT. Instead of dealing with disparate systems and multiple vendors, as they had been, they wanted to consolidate: a single cloud, managed by a single cloud-services provider.

The business benefits

Typifying the outcome of working with us, we have been able to further develop our relationship with these customers in the wake of the success of the solutions outlined; discussions have already begun around future projects, including virtual conferencing and full cloud migrations.

Our client trusts us not only to deliver solutions, but to keep an eye on them after they’ve gone live.


Cloud Migration, Consolidation of Communication onto single platform.


Centralised network with 40Gbps Firewall. Managed WAN servicing 22 sites: full contact centre with 200 UC-One Licenses.

For the social housing provider, we have installed:

• A centralised network secured by a high capacity 40Gbps firewall

• Managed WAN delivering services to 22 sites

• Full contact centre with UC-One for 200users

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