All You Need to Know About WIFI and VOIP Calling

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VoIP has gained popularity over time but is yet to be adopted by every business professional. The invention of VoIP has put a question mark on the services offered by the traditional phone systems. VoIP has its own tales to narrate, but the question arises as to how VoIP can be compared to the mobile network calls. Wifi and VOIP calling is a new trend and can help the users to connect with each other crossing the boundaries where the cellular network becomes a challenge. To gain a better insight into this latest technology spreading its roots in different parts of the world, read further to know all about the statistics and reasons.

What is VoIP wifi?

WIFI and VOIP calling in simple terms is plainly known as wifi calling. Wifi calls can be established by making use of wifi or when you are using any mobile network’s internet connection. It enables the users to connect to any person across the globe provided that the user has access to a proper internet connection. Internet connection plays a very important part while making wifi calls. The network connection should be thoroughly reliable so that the person can establish a connection with someone in any part of the world.

Wifi and VoIP call makes use of the wifi feature rather than the traditional mobile network for making calls. It is a new technology that has emerged, facilitating users to make use of the same smartphone and the same number that the user is using for making a call. Making these types of calls do not require the user to have a prepaid balance or a post-paid connection to make a call. Internet is the only requirement, nothing else is needed apart from this. And the best part is that you can use it from anywhere which provides you with the mobility factor. You simply need a wifi hotspot, and you are all set to make a wifi call. May it be any public place, home, office, or any corner, you can make wifi calls if you have an active internet connection. You can also do the same if you have a phone that is connected to wifi allowing you internet access.

Mobile vs VoIP

We have been using mobile phones for long, and we’re aware of the pros and cons. One thing that you may have experienced over the years is that being outdoors you hardly face difficulty in establishing calls. There must have been very minimal chances of you not being able to connect using your mobile phone. However, this is a different story with an indoor connection, users commonly face network issues. Making a call from indoors may be a hard nut to crack. Switching over to wifi calling can solve such network issues one may face. Wifi and VoIP calling has been the talk of the town for quite some time. But the best advantage of wifi and VoIP calling is that you can have access to your messages while making video and voice calls over WiFi. And, all this happens just in the presence of a proper network connection.

When are wifi and VoIP calling useful?

Listed below are a few areas where wifi calling can stand as a boon and a blessing to its users:

Employees who work from home

For those who work from home or are self-employed having their business set up at home can benefit from wifi calling. Usually, cellular network issues can cause disruption indoors but having a strong wifi connection can cross all the barriers of network issues. It can help you connect with your clients and customers, enhancing the quality of voice calls that you can make over the internet.

Basement offices

If you have your office in the basement, then there are high chances that you may be out of network coverage area. Thus, the cellular network may fail to fledge you with appropriate voice calling services. In such a case, again wifi calling can be of great help and may provide you calling access despite working from the basement of a building. All you would need is a proper wifi connection to make and establish your calls.

Field-based employees

If you are an employee who works on the field on a daily basis, then also you may face network issues for your cellular network. In such a case, making use of wifi and VOIP calling services can be of great help to help you stay connected with the outside world.

How wifi calling works?

Wifi calling, as you can make out from the name, is a process in which a user makes use of a wifi connection to make a call. In this process, the calls and messages are routed over a wifi network. In such a case, the WiFi network can establish calls between two users, even in the absence of a proper mobile network. That is, you can use several smartphone applications like Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp to make a call.

Does it allow voice calls over the internet as other apps do?

People tend to get confused between wifi calling vs. VoIP. Many believe that wifi calling is the same as other applications that allow you to make a call over the internet, but this is not the reality. It is a completely different service, which is often confused with apps due to the similarity in the functionality of the two. There are many apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, etc which allows a person to make a call over the internet, but wifi calling is different from these apps. Talking about skype, it makes use of different numbers and cannot be used for making calls to emergency numbers. FaceTime is another app that is only compatible with Apple devices, therefore only play a part in connecting iPhone users. It cannot connect people to each other who are non-iPhone users. Now coming back to wifi calling, one needs to understand that a wifi call is like a regular call however, the channel used is the internet rather than a mobile network or a phone line. Ranging from HD calling to a standard call, wifi calling can support all the features of making a call – both voice and video, in the absence of a mobile network.

The best part is that you can make use of the same number that you use on your mobile phone while making a wifi call.

You can consider wifi and VoIP calling to be a system that can be directly accessed through your phone dialler. You do not need any apps to be installed on your phone to make the calls, just the internet! You can also set the wifi calling mode as your default calling mode so that you do not need to switch to wifi calling every time you wish to use that service. 

Wifi and VoIP calling allows ease to users who can make use of the calling feature even when the mobile network shows no signal. All you need is a good wifi network to connect to. It doesn’t require any special app or an additional number to be able to make use of this call over the internet. Wifi calling does not charge you for making such calls; the only thing is that you need to connect your mobile with a wifi connection, tick the right box, and that is all. The next thing you can do is simply dial the number to which you want to connect, leaving all the worries behind.

Where can people use it?

People believe that wifi calling may have certain limitations and cannot be used everywhere. But the truth is; you can access it from anywhere. The only limitation is that you need to have a proper internet connection to which you can connect your mobile phone using the wifi option.

man connection wifi calling

What is the bandwidth required for making a wifi call?

Wifi calling vs VoIP comparison is quite common and people usually enquire about the bandwidth that they may need to make calls. Hence, you need to know that if you just want to send text messages using this feature, then it doesn’t consume much bandwidth. If you want to make voice calls, then a minimum of 0.5mbits is sufficient for supporting a wifi call.

Who can take advantage of wifi and VoIP calling?

Many people have a question in mind if they would be able to use wifi calling on their phones or not. So if you are someone who has the same question in mind, then here are the eligibility criteria to possess to use the facility of wifi calling:

  • You must be in possession of a phone that supports HD voice calling and can get connected to the wifi.
  • Also, your account should have HD voice feature and should be activated to make use of this wifi calling feature

Why is there a need for wifi calling?

WIfi calling facility can prove to be extremely useful when you happen to be in a place where there is weak mobile network coverage. You can find this type of calling facility to be extremely useful when you are travelling to the countryside or are in a building where there are spotty receptors. You must be well aware of sending messages over the internet using messenger and other similar apps. In comparison to the traditional text messages, these messages over the internet service to be a faster mode of communication. Same is the case when you talk about making a call using wifi; it can enable you to make a call even when you are in a dungeon if you have access to the internet.


In order to maintain the quality of calls using VoIP, it is necessary that the internet connection is reliable and strong. The quality of network calls varies depending on the service provider on the basis of speed, strength, and reliability offered by the network. Some networks give their own definition of wifi calling, which is an inbuilt aspect of the dialler. For this, no additional app is required, and a person has the facility of directly calling someone from the call list rather than adding contacts on a separate call list as in the case of Skype and other similar applications.

the benefits of WIFI calling explained in an infographic

Advantages of wifi and VoIP calls

Here are a few sure shot advantages of VoIP calling:

Anywhere and everywhere

If you have a phone that supports HD video calling and wifi, then the most common privilege that such users have is the ease of making the calls anytime and from anywhere. The only requirement is a secure internet connection, and you can make a call using the internet from any location you may be in.

Free calls

Wifi calling is absolutely free. Even if you have not recharged your phone to make a call, but you’re luckily in a wifi zone then you can log into an available internet connection and take advantage of making free wifi calls.

Enhanced voice and video quality

Using wifi also enhances the quality of voice and video calls. They make use of better technologies in comparison to technologies that are used for traditional voice calling, therefore enhancing the quality of the calls made. The techniques used have been upgraded over the years and are now serving to offer better quality services. 

Can overcome the challenges of poor reception

If you reside in a place where there is poor cellular reception, then the wifi calling facility may just be right for you. If your mobile network doesn’t support the call, you do not need to worry as you have the option of making wifi calls which can offer you better quality and uninterrupted services. The only requirement is that the phone is connected by a wifi device.

No new number required

In order to make a wifi call, you do not need to have a new number. You can simply make use of the current number to make use of these services. You do not need to have any additional login to access this service.

No more worries about roaming charges

Roaming charges can cause unnecessary stress if you happen to use a mobile network that charges significantly high for roaming. But by making use of wifi calling services, you can be free from any additional charges that may be levied on you for making a roaming or STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) call. So one can say that wifi calling service is a relief for overseas travellers. You are no longer forced to pay any additional roaming charges or international charges for sending messages (via apps) or making calls using wifi calling services. So you can say that wifi calling comes for free except the data usage that you consume on the data pack.


There is always room for improvement, and the same goes when talking about wifi and VoIP calling services. Here are a few challenges faced by wifi calling services.

Data consumption

If you are not in a wifi zone or if you are not using the wifi that is installed at your home, school or whichever place you may be in, wifi calling services can make use of your data plan that you may have recharged for your phone. It is believed that about 1mb of data can be used if you make a voice call for 1 minute and about 8mb of data can be used if you opt for making a video call. So data consumption may increase if you do not make use of wifi facility available in your area.

Wifi connection is a must

It is vital to have a proper internet connection for making a wifi call. And, also it is necessary that both the parties make use of LTE voice coverage so that the call is established between the two parties.

Signal strength may vary at times

Maintaining the same signal strength to offer the best quality services can prove to be challenging at all times. There are chances that there may be variations in the signal strength, thus it may affect the bandwidth that is required for making a call. In such case the call quality may get hampered, restricting a high-quality voice call. Also, when more people try to connect their phones using the same wifi network, the chances are that the signal strength may go weak due to multiple users making use of the network at the same time. This may further weaken the quality of the wifi call in such a case. This usually happens when you are using the wifi network at public places such as railway stations, airports, etc.

Data transfer delay

Many times, we may also face a delay in the transfer of data while making use of wifi calling services. Sometimes what a person says from one end is received by the user at the other end after a short interval. Thus a delay occurs during transmission of calls causing inconvenience.

Not supported worldwide

Though the concept of wifi calling is flourishing day by day, still there are countries who are yet to adopt this technology. So there are limitations on the basis of geographical location. You may not expect this wifi calling facility to be in widespread usage all over the world. A few countries are still to adopt this technology.

The Bottom Line

Wifi calling can bring in a significant change in terms of quality and price. It can help you connect to people from any part of the world at lower prices, at the cost of the data plan or wifi network that you use. There is an ample number of benefits that wifi and VoIP calling offers. Thus, there are some really good reasons to use wifi calling services over the traditional mobile phone network.

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