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Why You Need a Virtual Assistant When You’re a Business Owner

For a while now, the use of virtual assistants has been on the rise; so much so that they offer a wide range of services, the majority of which your administrative assistant does not. Some of the work that can be done by a VA are office-related tasks such as schedule tracking, bookkeeping and email management. They also take care of IT related duties like lead generation, social media management, and network management. The truth is that no matter the skill set of any virtual assistant, many still offer more than regular office-based assistants.

The diversity in skill sets of so many of these VAs means that there is a certain one for each company amd, more often than not, they can cater to your specific needs. However, even with the wide range of services they render, there are still some companies hesitant to hire one. They consider a virtual assistant to be a significant risk because they work offsite, making it difficult to control or monitor their work.

Despite the negatives, the demand for VAs continues to increase, meaning that there are good reasons people are hiring them at the moment.

Why you need a virtual assistant

Knowing what a VA can potentially do for a business, here are some of the reasons why having one can come in handy.

Increased Productivity

There are times when the sheer amount of work that needs to be done is so demoralising that quitting seems the only option. This is the situation for many companies, especially in new startups. New startups assign multiple tasks to staff, sometimes making the job mountainous and challenging. No matter how good you are at what you do in this environment, burnout is inevitable, which means you’ll need a break at some point. Employing a VA means that you get the help you desperately need.

You can get more while saving money

With the availability of a wide range of skills when using VAs, one thing to highlight is affordability. When compared to the cost of hiring a full-time office employee, VAs are a relatively good investment . This way, after hiring a VA, you can use your resources for other purposes.

Virtual assistants can be hired as needed

Even though VAs can cover a large volume of work, they can also be hired for smaller projects as well. There are many companies that need small tasks accomplished without necessarily wanting someone full-time. This is where hiring a VA comes in handy. You can adjust the amount of time you need them and even suspend services when you feel they are no longer required. This flexibility is difficult to find when it comes to full-time employees, and it is exactly the kind of thing your business needs.

You can make use of their services all much as you want

The usual nine-to-five shift does not help with some tasks; many companies have customers who would like to use their services at all times of the day. Hiring a VA is the solution for this as you can find one in a different time zone to be able to cover some of the work that cannot be done by those of you in your own time zone. For a company that offers customer support, you can cover the daytime personally and hire a VA who will cover the night shift, which means that efficiency increases. Nobody loses sleep, and everyone can do their work in their own time with your employees happy to keep their jobs with less stress.

You are already behind schedule

Many companies are already effectively using this method of serving their clients, which is cost-effective and less stressful. Businesses get their work finished while saving money and using it for other things, which in turn helps their company to grow. They realized what you now understand and decided to take the bold step of making use of virtual assistants to solve some of their significant problems. Taking the time to assess your company as well as some of your work schedules to see whether or not a VA would be helpful to you, is a necessity as it might well mean the difference between success and failure.

Bottom Line

The truth of the matter is that with everything that has a positive side, there’s a negative as well. However, one thing I have come to realize while working is that when the pros outweigh the cons in a particular prospect or plan, then it is probably an excellent option to take into consideration.

Many companies have testified that they have benefitted from the use of a virtual assistant for the completion of tasks. As this article has highlighted, there are some cons associated with employing a virtual assistant, but the truth is that when you hire one who is effective and trustworthy, you’ll understand how useful they can be.

A virtual assistant is someone who can help you with the majority of the tasks that concern your company. The reason it would be a bad idea to ignore the use of VAs is flexibility, something which gives you the ability to dictate the terms of service and also pay far less than you would for a traditional, full-time employee with a more limited scope of work and no out-of-hours capacity. If you take the time to select a VA that can do what you need, odds are that they will do more than you expect and will be an asset to your business.

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