A Simple Guide to Understanding Unified Communication and Collaboration

Unified Communication and Collaboration
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Business communications are changing with the rise of VoIP and other digital tools that allow teams to get more work done in record time. Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) is a team collaboration solution and the latest trend in business communication.

These platforms bring together numerous communication and collaboration tools that improve overall business functionality.

We shall be discussing a unified communication system and the benefit to companies or businesses that are willing to make use of it.

What is Unified Communication?

Unified communication consists of a wide range of tools and solutions required by a business for effective communication and collaboration that’s all wrapped into a unified application. Previously independent tools have been connected into one single platform to improve business collaboration.

At different stages of advancement, unified communications platforms added more features as communication technologies improved. In the mid-1900s, unified communications saw its first breakthrough with the unification of voice and text messaging in one platform.

This was, however, limited to offices and the equipment of specific vendors. With the advancement of IP technology and the spread of internet facilities,  unified communications have become a high-scale management solution for every business.

Features of Unified Communication and Collaboration

Unified communications solutions are a combination of a broad range of services which means that numerous platforms offer different varieties of services

Many unified communications platforms have specific focus points which determine the features they would focus on. While some UC providers focus primarily on telephone functionality, others might  emphasise video capabilities for real-time collaboration Unified communications solutions functionality includes the following:

1. Unified messaging

Cloud gives you access to your information anytime, anywhere. Once you are connected to the internet, all of your email, fax, chats, voicemail, and text messages are channelled into one location.

This makes it easier to track all your conversations.

2. Mobile Apps

Every business relies on technology at one level or the other. But one technology that stands out is the smartphone.

UC leverages the convenience of the smartphone to grant access to all of the features to mobile users. This is important for remote and mobile workforce efficiency.

3. Video Conferencing

Mobile communication devices have advanced to making real-time video calls. This feature is excellent for long-distance meetings and webinars.

UC gives you access to these features at no cost when the possibility of travelling is not feasible.

4. Instant Messaging

Instant messages are not new to us anymore. Businesses make use of emails, SMS, and fax. However, these messages are under different providers and at different cost. Unified communications bring together all your instant messages under one umbrella within one subscription plan.

5. Conferencing applications

Conferencing is an important aspect of healthcare, business, and education. This, however, can be expensive, especially with a large number of users always on a call.

UC lowers down the cost of your conferencing application under your subscription. You can take your time to pass or receive important information without the fear of increased cost.

6. Teamwork Applications

Efficiency is improved when team members find a better way of working together.  However, the collaboration power of a team can only function properly with the right application.

UC makes collaboration and teamwork easy, specifically because everything is in one place. Everything can be passed across without any failed platform that’s making communication difficult.

Uses of Unified Communication and Collaboration

In any industry, communication and collaboration are a non-negotiable factor which if anything is to be accomplished. UC&C is a combination of virtually all relevant communication systems which assures you of the level of communication that would yield results.

Unified communications and communications solutions (UC&C) have numerous benefits across many industries due to the increased need for the unification of information, which increases efficiency.

Here are some of the sectors making use of UC&C and its advantages to them:


If your business has not been unified into one solution, you might be losing your competitive edge, valuable time, and a lot of money.

UC&C has helped many businesses worldwide to get access to unified collaboration, including VoIP technology.

Unified communications and collaboration solutions offer the following:

UC and Collab 02


VoIPTech Solutions is easy to manage and deploy due to the user-friendly interface. This platform gives small and large businesses scalable collaboration communication on a single platform and gives numerous

Benefits of making use of UC&C:

Improved Productivity

Businesses have a lot to gain from UC&C than making use of multiple vendors for different forms of communication. Unified communication supports a wide range of technology and online collaboration that can happen from anywhere, at any time and with any device.

Employees can choose the communicative platform that is best suited for certain tasks either remotely or on the move.

Increase productivity in businesses when you make use of unified communications. VoIPTech Solutions offer a complete suite of collaboration solutions which is consistent, and reliable, allowing you to share information across multiple devices.

Improved collaboration

The unification of many means of communication into one platform collaboration is easy from any device and any location. Connecting to numerous individuals at different locations builds strong business relationships between team members and clients.


The old ways of communicating are not only outdated but also time consuming and expensive. This is because passing information across the school has to go through different communication platforms which are not only difficult to keep up with but expensive as well.

An all-in-one UC&C can easily and securely connect agencies, students, faculty, staffs, and parents anytime and on any device at a price that corresponds with their budget.

The UC&C educational benefits include:

  • UC and Collab graphic 2


Unified Communications have transformed the mode of operations of health care systems.

Patients, clinicians and administrators can communicate anywhere and anytime. This rapid flow of information can help save lives. Doctors can easily connect to other members of their organization as well as patients booking online meetings all in a single subscription. Some healthcare benefits include:

Increased Productivity

Effective communication between all members of staff of an organization using UC increases productivity. Outdated modes of communications like pagers are replaced making responses immediate and active.

Improved patient experience

Real-time communication provided by Unified Communication saves a life. With real-time communication, there is an adequate response to situations. Without the need for data entry, emergencies are given immediate response leading to better healthcare.

There is easy access to patient information making a win-win situation for both patients and healthcare workers in terms of cost, speed, quality, and results across organizations.

Telemedicine and Video Conferencing

The integration of video conferencing into telemedicine has been one of the revolutionary ways that Unified Communications has transformed the world of healthcare.

This has improved patient experience and operational efficiency. Patients can easily make video calls to doctors for a quick assessment of their health situation without the need to visit the hospital.

Global unity

Many critical situations like the ones we find ourselves in now require that healthcare workers look for collaboration software to keep communication lines with other workers across the globe open.

Unified collaboration makes it easy to share complex data with many healthcare organizations across the globe at no extra cost.

These messages are to be transmitted on a need-to-know basis due to privacy and compliance concerns.

Healthcare workers are globally dealing with a lot of difficulties in the present situation where there is a need for constant communication.

At VoIPTech Solutions, we offer the best UC&C platform, which is Microsoft Teams to help you and your team stay connected at all times in this time of crisis. Purchase a monthly Unified Communications Subscription (Microsoft Teams) to enjoy benefits such as:

UC and Collab graphic 3


The overall importance of UC&C cannot be overemphasized in every sector.

The need for continuous collaboration and communication on a single collaboration software at no extra cost speaks for itself.

At VoIPTech Solutions, we offer the best UC systems at the best rates, which means that you can communicate and collaborate all within a single subscription and at no extra cost.

With VoIPTech Solutions’ Microsoft teams, you have a simple and interactive system fit for whatever sector your business falls into, fast and reliable.

Want to learn more about our services? Please give us a call today on 0203 745 0201.

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