Top 5 Solutions for Call Monitoring

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I’m sure you have made a call to the customer care line of a particular company you have dealings with, and suddenly hear this statement:

“Please note, this call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.”

This is a recording used at the beginning of almost every call centre interface. For some, this audio statement is met with discomfort at the idea that their call is being monitored.

Most phone systems create a cloud-based call centre specifically designed to promote positive communications with customers, improving the overall quality of services offered when customers attempt to use phone-based support. Call monitoring is an excellent feature of call centre software as it helps optimize the customer experience.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are the ways call monitoring benefits customers:

Quality Assurance

There is a good reason why the disclaimer of call centres include the words quality assurance purposes in their preliminary recording when the call connects.  It allows company managers to listen in on the calls without the knowledge of the call centre agent. This is to make sure that the agent adheres to the standards set by the company in a bid to offer you the best services.

For instance, if an agent has been reported to be delivering sub-optimal customer service, the call monitoring feature can be put to good use, allowing direct managerial oversight and also protecting the interests of the customer. On the flip side, for an agent who is performing exceptionally well, managers can also monitor the quality of services rendered first-hand, allowing proper recognition and reward as well.

Call Barging

This is a call centre software with functionality that is one step ahead of the call monitoring feature. With a call barging element, not only can a manager listen in on calls for quality assurance purposes, but can also directly barge in on calls, making sure that the quality of services rendered is top class. This allows the manager to speak directly to both the customer as well as the call centre agent providing support to both parties and reducing the number of escalated calls.

When the call barging feature is used to enter a call, extra assistance is given to the customer regarding the issue they wish to solve. This is because upper management has more experience than some call centre agents and staff. They can give out more information, especially when needed, so the issue can be adequately addressed on the ground.

Research Purposes

With the availability of call monitoring alongside other call centre software, managers can track an assortment of information, even though some issues are better solved with the use of qualitative data. Managers who can monitor calls live can identify trends and patterns in the kinds of services rendered by their agents to customers.  This way, a positive trend can be developed and encouraged, reducing bad patterns and improving the overall quality of services.

Training of Agents

Call monitoring is an excellent way of fast-tracking the experience of new hires. Whenever a new call centre agent is hired, most of their calls are listened in on by management; also, these new hires have the chance to listen in on calls of more experienced call centre agents in a bid to let them understand how to provide excellent services. The ability of management to monitor a call enables them to provide immediate and personalized services. This improves the quality of the services rendered.

Call Monitoring To Do List for Call Centres

Every company looking to deliver a quality service must have a call centre which is functioning correctly, giving out the best services and helps customers who need them. This part has suffered a considerable setback in many companies, particularly because most call centre agents have rendered poor services knowing that they are not monitored.

With the help of call monitoring, this has become a thing of the past as not only do call centre agents now do their jobs to the best of their abilities, but they can be rewarded or penalized depending on their performances. Customers can now also enjoy high-quality services without having to worry about agents lashing out at them due to errors or mix-ups. This benefits not only callers but the company using this service as well for they now have happier customers leading to improved sales.

Bottom Line

The use of the call monitoring feature benefits customers greatly as it allows managers to put a lid on bad services. The information gained using this call centre feature means that agents know that they will be held accountable for the quality of services rendered.

There is nothing more alarming to a call centre agent than knowing that the quality of their service will determine how well they score in the workplace. Considering that there are different types of people who call the customer care of companies for various reasons, some calls can be annoying, tempting agents to respond negatively when pushed by irate customers, but with call monitoring software, agents respond more favourably to even the most agitated of callers.

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