4 Things to Look for When Choosing Between Various VoIP Providers

4 Things to Look for When Choosing Between Various VoIP Providers
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Over the past years, communication has become less expensive.

Many companies are choosing affordable and versatile methods of communication. Since the start of the 21st century, VoIP service has become a dominant alternative to regular phone calls in numerous companies.

However, before you choose to opt into a VoIP provider’s subscription plan, there are certain factors that you need to consider. These factors will help you find one who will serve all your needs.

If you are for the big names, here’s the list of VoIP providers:

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Who is VoIPTech?

VoIPTech is a people-based VoIP provider. We make your business processes simple with our flexible strategies. We put in every effort to offer creative solutions for our customers. Since our customers require reliable, flexible and cost-effective services, we render it to them.

Why VoIPTech?

While established companies place their focus on profit, we are dedicated to bringing reliable and affordable services to our customers. We understand what it takes to run an SMB because we are one. We provide services ranging from calls to speedy broadband; also, we provide expert advice to our customers.

You may become confused because of the plethora of options out there. Hence, this article has been crafted to give you some helpful insight into VoIPTech and the high-quality services they provide.

Assessing Business Needs

Cloud-based solutions are designed to provide you with support for your business expansion plans because the services offered are consistent in updating your telecommunications network. You will never have to worry about your technology becoming outdated.

When picking a VoIP system, you need to ensure that the service provider can help foster your company’s growth. With the invention of mobile devices, selecting a VoIP platform that features the latest technologies gives you an edge over your competitors. In assessing your business needs, here are some factors that you need to consider:

Company Size

You have to check if your business can handle the cost of VoIP services. Also, you need to evaluate and find out if your business needs a VoIP package at the moment. If not, opting into a subscription might be detrimental to your business. Also, if you have future growth plans for your company, you can select one of the VoIP services to aid in scaling your business.

Calls Per Day

Most providers tailor various plans to suit different business needs especially their daily call volumes. Evaluate your daily call volume and subscribe with a platform that offers the best deal for you or your business. A good example is Wave; you get to save costs with the low-cost rental per user. Also, the pricing is transparent and straightforward.


Cost is always an essential factor that every business can consider when choosing any service. The good thing about competition amongst VoIP providers in the UK is it makes subscription prices go down.

VoIPTech solutions are one of the VolP providers that have a low cost for their subscription compared to other providers.

The criteria above are for general business purposes. However, your business may have specific requirements. .that you can tailor other criteria to suit your business needs.

Financial & Operational Considerations

Here, you will place focus on how much you or your business is willing to spend for a particular VoIP Service. You will consider various factors like subscription and call costs, as well as the duration of your plan. With these, you can find out if you are making the right financial decision by purchasing a monthly wave subscription.

Subscription Cost

For every individual or business owner, the VoIP subscription cost must be carefully considered before making any commitments.

With the fierce competition in the market, getting a good deal is not difficult.  However, you need to do some research. Knowing the subscription cost helps you ensure that the service you are going for is pocket-friendly and at the same time, high-quality.

Call Cost

The VoIP price for a hosted solution is less costly than on-premises VoIP. Since the VoIP monthly subscription price range varies, we recommend that you shop around and compare features. Also, do not forget to have a budget in mind as it will help you during the process of comparison.

Plan Duration

Most Voice over IP platforms packages their services in different bundles for different types of clients.

You need to evaluate Voip cost offers on a plan-by-plan basis.  These bundles last for a specified duration, and within this period, the subscriber enjoys services like recording, call forwarding, storage, etc.

Cancellation Policy

In a scenario whereby you are unsatisfied with a service, you will likely want to cancel the subscription. But at what cost? Standard internet telephony providers like VolpTech have fair terms and conditions and cancellation policies. But, some providers charge cancellation fees for packages associated with their VoIP service.

Operational Considerations

With the high competition in the VoIP industry, a lot of companies are willing to do business with you. But you have to check the type of experience their services offer and how convenient it is for you. If a VoIP provider offers services that are affordable and convenient to use, your best bet is to go for them.

Call Types

While using a VoIP phone, calls are transmitted over the internet, unlike traditional phone lines. A good number of VoIP calls are computer-based while others allow calls to any telephone number.

The various types of calls which can be made using a VoIP number include:

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Hardware That Goes with Plan

VoIP companies provide cheap VoIP phones with affordable plans and services. VoIP phones allow you to make basic voice calls, forward calls, caller IDs, record calls, and voicemail.

If you are not facing any financial constraints, you can go for the advanced ones that transcribe voicemail messages. Whilst, if cost remains a priority, you should put your needs into consideration.

Customer Relationship Management CRM Integration

Most sales teams heavily depend on their business’s Customer Relationship Management or CRM.

VoIP integration means that when a connection takes place, it is logged in your CRM. Other members of the team can also access updated information on every activity that is taking place.

In-Stream Chat

The ability to engage your customers while they’re interacting with your brand can be helpful for closing more deals.

A VoIP phone can sync with your apps and websites that allow your customers to initiate a call or have a quick chat.

Flexibility of the Service

You must consider if it would be possible to design a custom-made system.

Can you easily make changes, or would the services of a technician be needed for everything? If you wish to enjoy flexibility, ensure you choose a VoIP provider that has an app or online portal where changes can be made.

Scalability of the Service – Can It Grow with The Business

If you are planning for business growth of adding employees or making expansion, you would want a VoIP provider that makes scaling straightforward.

Ensure a single system that is flexible enough to accommodate multiple users without extra charges.

Most business VoIP providers make scaling easy, but you may need to pay extra, depending on how your rates are structured. To prevent any surprises, learn how the fees are structured in advance.

Reliability of The Service

Reliability incorporates everything from scheduled and unscheduled downtime to disaster recovery procedures.

Make sure that you select a provider who has a comprehensive service level agreement.  This specifies the quality of service, uptime, and contingencies.

You and your VoIP provider must be prepared to take care of any unexpected situation that can any time.

Call Quality

VoIP technology has improved a lot since the early days when you couldn’t have a conversation without experiencing some troubles. Today, VoIP calls sound just as good or even better than toll quality on the public switched telephone network (PSTN)  Therefore, look for a provider that offers the best call quality because your business needs a reliable service with no cases of dropped calls or unclear voices.

Security Considerations 

VoIP functions by transmitting speech through data-style networks. This type of communication is better than the usual circuit-switched communication. However, VoIP faces some security problems. Before purchasing any VoIP service, always ensure that the following factors below check their boxes.

Data Security

Most executives in companies do not consider this to be important, but it certainly is.

Like most computing technology, VoIP systems are susceptible to security holes that hackers can take advantage of. Having comprehensive and reliable data security is not something that can be obtained without effective measures from your VoIP provider. Pick a provider that focuses on system and network security like Wave. Wave is a new VoIP phone system that backs up all your setting, data and configuration in the cloud. This VoIP platform is good for businesses.

Calamity and Disaster Back-Up

One of the essential points to address in any disaster recovery plan is your phone service.VoIP set up takes care of the planning process.

In the event that a catastrophe like fire or tornado destroys your office space, customers should still be able to have access through your VoIP system.

All calls can simply be rerouted to your employees’ cell.

Customer Experience Considerations

Another major factor to consider is the customer experience. Your best bet here is to look for a company with recommendations and positive ratings. This is because if people are positive about a company, then it must be rendering high-quality services. Going for a company that pays utmost attention to customer experience will be a wise idea.

Customer Experience

VoIP subscription services are highly competitive, which means that a lot of VoIP providers out there would want to do business with you.

However, not all companies would have the same level of experience. Some are starting up while some have been in the industry for long. In most cases, established VoIP companies offer systems that are user-friendly.

So, it is recommended that you go for a VoIP company that has been existing for a long time, and someone you can trust to be there for you ten years down the road.

24/7 Availability

Few businesses can afford to have employees that are on call 24 hours a day. However, the auto-attendant feature of? Incorporated some VoIP plans to ensure that your phones are always answered.


A quality VoIP provider offers complimentary training, documentation, and videos that assist you and your team in getting used to the new system.

Find out if the training will be on-site or remote set-up. Depending on your organisational structure, you might prefer one over the other. Remote training is convenient, but some businesses might prefer in-person training.

Ideally, the solution you choose will be easy to learn. This is important because it reduces user error and makes training new employees go more smoothly.

Customer Reviews

We all know that you cannot always trust customer reviews on the internet. However, it isn’t wise to do business with a company that has positive reviews from its users. More so, search for reviews from reputable technology websites opts for highly-rated products.

Selecting a VoIP provider appears like a tasking job for most individuals, especially with a lot of options in the market. But the access to materials and a vast array of providers has reduced troubles of finding the ideal provider for your business or home.


If you know what to look out for in a VoIP service, buying becomes easier. We have dedicated ourselves to examine numerous factors to consider before doing business with any VoIP provider.

Wave is a novel VoIP phone system designed to help you grow your business. Therefore, you will be doing yourself a lot of good by subscribing because you get to enjoy affordability, flexibility, seamless set-up, a secure and easily manageable system.

Would you like to get in touch with us? Feel free to call or message us today.

-Goziem |Michael

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