Things That Affect Your VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service
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Almost everything in the world today is advancing as a result of technology. From how you travel, conduct business, get medical treatment, to how you communicate, technological advancements are changing everything we do. In the communication sector, VoIP phone services are revolutionising the way businesses communicate within themselves as well as with their customers.

Unlike PBX, which is the traditional way of communicating, VoIP service doesn’t require a traditional desktop phone setup. This is particularly convenient for businesses since this seamless and cost-effective technology allows employees to use their personal devices like mobile phones to talk to each other and their customers. 

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, uses the standard internet connection to make a call rather than the traditional copper wire setup. For your organisation, you can choose between investing in the necessary software and hardware (managed VoIP services) or going for a service provider that will host the equipment for you (hosted VoIP services).

VoIP facilitates several communication services through an internet connection, including:

VoIP Phone Service Available Over An Internet Connection

So, whether you choose VoIP phone service for your business you can enjoy access to multiple communication services while paying comparatively less.

Factors That Affect VoIP Phone Services


Latency is the amount of time taken for the speaker’s voice to reach the listener. In the case of VoIP, the most common signs of latency are overlapping of words and echoing because of delays in data transmission. Distance between users can also play a role in causing delays due to a higher number of router hops needed to transmit data. However, by using a cloud-hosted phone system, such delays can be avoided even if you’re speaking with someone who’s sitting on the opposite side of the world. This is because a cloud-hosted phone system does not involve numerous intermediate routers through which the information is transmitted.


When you use VoIP, a program (codec) reduces the size of the data into signals to be transferred (compression) as well as expands the signals that are received (decompression). These signals are transmitted in groups or packets. A codec sends packets spaced evenly apart. When these signals are sent to the other end, the decompression algorithm expects the packets to come with equal spacing and in the same order, they were sent. Due to network congestion or irregular network speed, there may be lags in receiving those packets, which are known as jitters.

To compensate for these lags, a small jitter buffer is placed at the receiving end that induces a specific delay before sending packets for decompressing. This way, the jitter buffer can collect a particular number of packets to rearrange them in the right order as well as inducing proper spacing between them before they go for transmission.

Network Parameters

Your call quality on VoIP depends highly on the overall network load. As the load on a network increases, issues related to voice quality may occur due to a reduction in network transmission quality. Even a small delay in voice packets can cause the sound quality to degrade significantly, resulting in poor communication. 

Other factors that determine VoIP call quality are:

VoIP Phone Service Things Affecting Call Quality

However, due to technological advancements, the internet has become faster and more efficient, and VoIP call quality has similarly improved. 

Competitors’ Way Of Coping With VoIP Phone Service Quality Issues

Dealing with network challenges efficiently and timely ensures that the users’ experiences are not affected. VoIPTech implements a thorough plan to ensure that quality pitfalls are dealt with quickly. Below is how the company ensures the quality of phone services –

Reliable Network Speed Capacity

There are different points of failure in VoIP phone services. While some issues are the responsibility of users, others happen from the side of the vendor. When it comes to choosing a VoIP phone service for home or business, there must be reliability in their offering from the outset.

Whether it is scheduled or unscheduled downtime,  customer support, or comprehensive disaster recovery procedures, VoIPTech ensures its services offer optimum network capacity. It embeds an extensive Service Level Agreement that highlights the quality of services, uptimes, fall back options, etc.

By educating and preparing customers along with its team to address challenging situations that can occur, VoIP tech makes sure its customers have reliable network speed capacity.

 Phone System Quality

A prominent step in ensuring that you get the best VoIP service cost is acquiring a quality system. Over the years, VoIP phone systems have grown tremendously, with massive improvements in phone quality. However, the voice quality can be different between different vendors and other variables like the speed and bandwidth capacity of the internet connection, type of codecs, etc. Experienced VoIP providers tend to assess all the parameters associated with their services to make sure the customers have a seamless experience.

VoIPTech is a service provider with credible experience and proven record in this industry. The skilled team at the company can thoroughly assess the network and recommend necessary modifications and implement them so that you can leverage VoIP phone services at their optimum potentials. Such proactive efforts by the company make sure that all customers get exceptionally consistent and optimal audio quality.

Lower Cost

VoIP phone service cost helps you in determining reliable VoIP service providers. A good service provider would not surprise you with hidden charges or additional fees to include standard features like voicemail boxes, conference bridges, auto attendants, ring groups, custom music, and messages, etc. Nobody wants to receive a bill at the end of the day with charges that they were not even aware of, or paying for services that you did not even use.

VoIPTech has a transparent approach with regard to payment and billing. Their packages are laid out that include all the features you will be receiving clearly and concisely. You will only pay for the package you have chosen. It offers ready to use phone systems at lower costs that allow small businesses to acquire exceptional VoIP phone services within their restricted budgets  With a comprehensive set of services, VoIPTech offers phone solutions to the needs of different individuals and businesses. 

What To Look For In A VoIP Service Provider

Advanced Features

VoIP service providers typically offer a range of features for you to select from and let you customize the plan according to your needs. Wave, in particular, is packed with features that make it ideal for businesses:

VoIP Phone Services What to Look for

Clearer Voice Quality

Of course, the most important factor in choosing a VoIP service provider is phone call quality, and only the best service providers can give you high-quality audio. VoIP calls made through low-quality platforms can be unclear and choppy, and calls may even drop unexpectedly. You wouldn’t want this to occur while you’re speaking with an important client or customer. 

The best VoIP service providers, such as VoIPTech, deliver HD quality audio, which is as clear as a traditional landline call. In fact, it is nearly impossible for people to distinguish between analog and VoIPTech calls due to their clarity. 

Enhanced Productivity

You should choose a provider that offers a comprehensive list of features that will enable you and your team to maximize productivity. Nowadays, it is common for employees to use most, if not all, of these products daily:

VoIP Phone Service Features

Traditionally, employees use multiple devices for the above-mentioned functions; shifting between those devices can be time-consuming and inefficient. Giving them the ability to perform multiple activities on just one device can save time and money. For e-commerce businesses, consolidating information about a client or customer also becomes easier because they will have all the information on one platform. This would significantly increase productivity and allow employees to focus on working instead of managing multiple devices. 


Your choice of VoIP phone service provider should be determined by several factors like phone call quality, cost, available features, and reliability. Ultimately, you should choose a service provider who can offer superior service without latency, jitters, and unreasonably high charges.

VoIPTech’s Wave is a new VoIP phone system that was built to meet the needs of SMEs and growing companies. Wave aims to provide state-of-the-art VoIP services to small and medium scale enterprises and startups. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with VoIPTech now to book a demonstration. 

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