Small Business Phone System – What should you get?

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For a small start-up looking for the best phone system, a lot of variables can make it challenging. One thing most small businesses look for a phone system that can deliver the best service at the lowest cost; however, today, with many options out there distinctive tools and features, making the right choice for your business is not an easy task.

To help you understand which phone system best suits your business, here are some of the best picks and the reasons that they are on the list; this way, you can look at your business needs and decide which one best suits you.


This is one of the best small business phone systems available today, in my opinion. 8×8 offers you everything you need for your phone system needs. 8×8 makes use of a cloud-hosted VoiP unified communication system, which does not require expensive private branch exchange hardware or trained IT staff to keep it maintained. The only requirements for effective connectivity is high-speed internet access and IP phones, which makes setting up and maintenance a ‘walk in the park’ for small businesses.

This system boasts one of the most reliable services with about 15 data centres around the world, which ensures that you have uninterrupted services throughout the day. With easy management and a 99.9 percent uptime, you are assured a maximum of only a couple of minutes of downtime during the year, which means that you not only pay less but can enjoy more.

Another impressive aspect of the 8×8 small business phone system is its collection of calling and mobile features, which are affordable for small and growing businesses. Features such as three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, attendants, ring groups and caller ID are all offered at reasonable rates. If your business places importance on teamwork, 8×8 offers you an array of useful tools. These include conference calling, presence featuring, and internet chat tools, which allow you to communicate with up to 100 participants at a time.

This is an excellent small business phone system because it gives your employees the chance to use their phone systems from outside the office, which is something every small business requires for growth. Also, with the use of the 8×8 mobile app, you have access to your business lines wherever you go, and you can make and receive all sorts of calls without problems.

Finally, with the use of numerous integrations with other popular programs such as Slack, Salesforce, and 8×8 customer service, be assured that you have the best phone system for your small business.


RingCentral is a cloud-hosted VoIP unified phone system that can serve the needs of businesses of all sizes. Its ease of installation and use makes it one of the best small business phone systems. This system has many useful features, which are available on different service plans; this gives you the opportunity to make a choice, whether you’re running a small or large organisation. Most phone systems offer prices that are inappropriate for small businesses to start with, but not RingCentral, as they look to suit your needs based on your level of financial capacity.

This cloud-hosted system only requires access to a high-speed digital subscriber line, or fibre optic connection. Regarding the stress of installation, RingCentral provides you with an operation specialist who helps with every step of the process, so that your services work perfectly from the get-go.

Once everything is set up, you can get started as RingCentral not only make sure that everything is fine right from the beginning, but ensure that it stays that way through its 17 worldwide data centres, and a seven-fold security process. This gives you optimum service availability with a 99.9 percent uptime.

What really makes RingCentral stand out from the competition is the availability of its many features, even in small business packages. Some of these features are call forwarding, call logs, message alerts, virtual receptionist, hold music, as well as other call management features.

RingCentral also offers a call forwarding bridge service, which gives you the chance to communicate with over 1,000 callers; in addition, video conferencing provides users with opportunities to carry out a host of video meetings and screen sharing times.

For employees on the go (and for those you need to keep tabs on), RingCentral makes sure that you always have a connection to your business line. Another excellent service is the softphone, which turns your computer into a phone. With all these features, spread across the platform, RingCentral is an impressive small business phone service that could suit your business needs.


Grasshopper is a small business phone system especially designed for companies with employees always on the move; it is a good option for businesses that need virtual phone systems to allow employees to present a professional image regardless of where they are working from. You can also connect business phone lines to mobile and home phones of remote workers, making their availability somewhat simple and much more effective.

This phone system works by providing each small business with its own dedicated phone number and an extension for each employee. When a client calls the main business line, an automatic attendant sees to their needs and connects the caller with the employee they would like to reach. Instead of reaching out to the office phone, the caller is connected to the phone of any employee of its choosing based on their availability. This could be a home phone, a business phone, or any other number.

Employees have full control of where the calls are directed to by choosing the numbers they want their calls to be directed to as well as the order in which these numbers are rung. From the caller’s perspective, the calling experience is the same as a conventional phone system.

Other essential features in Grasshopper include voicemail-to-email, voicemail, voicemail transcription, call screening, on-hold music, dial-by-name directory, business faxing, and business texting. Each user can host conference calls with as many as ten people at a time.

Grasshopper small business phone systems have a mobile app that allows employees to receive and make calls on their business lines as well as business text messages. This helps them to keep their personal calls and text messages away from business calls and texts. Also, this app lets users make and receive calls using their internet rather than mobile reception.

There are many factors to consider when selecting your small business phone system provider. You must ensure that the system you choose has all the functionalities you need for your business; it should support the number of employees you need the service to cater for and it must be reliable, especially with regards to uptime.

Voiptech Solutions

The essence of Voiptech solutions is directed at providing unified communication at affordable rates for businesses of all sizes. Most of the time, phone systems offer segregated services with regards to price tags, but Voiptech solutions provides you with cloud and unified communications services, delivered on a secure and fast 100GigE network.

VoiP technology allows you to make perfect internet calls to clients, partners and workers all over the world at a very low-cost. VoiPTech also offers improved broadband services. Many companies today request a high-speed digital subscriber line or a fibre-optic connection, which they can use to provide you with their cloud-hosted services, but what if your internet connection went down?

Another service offered is the availability of internet connections from your phone system provider; this means that you have two systems serviced by one client, which improves the quality of the service.

Regarding call centre solutions, you have fully functional software that gives you full access to the call centre at any time of the day and year. Some of the features available to help small and growing businesses are message alerts, call logs, on-hold music, and virtual receptionists as well as many other new call management features.

Their pricing is relatively good for small businesses with offers starting from as low as £10 daily; there is also an option to pay less through monthly and yearly subscriptions. With Voiptech solutions, you have access to excellent and useful services at affordable rates for your small business.

Bottom Line

While some businesses require basic functionalities such as  communication services, video and web conferencing, and text messaging, others require more; you should make a selection based on your needs. We have conducted a survey to help you discover which phone system is best for you, especially if you run a small business.  Take time to connect your personal business needs to these phone system options; this way you can select the best small business phone system for your needs and, in the long run, effectively serve clients’ requirements at the highest level.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think about these small business phone systems!!

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