On top of being faster and at a lower cost to your business, there are plenty of other additional benefits you can get by choosing VoIPTech’s IAX and SIP trunking services. These include:

What is VoIP-01

Awesome support

Awesome support

We know our stuff – from our award-winning technical teams, to dedicated customer support professionals, communication and knowledge are at the heart of what we do.


User Happines

User Happiness

If clients are dissatisfied, they will not just leave you, they will add salt to the wound, leaving you for one of your rivals, and after a blow to the wallet, the last thing any company needs is a crushed ego. We pride ourselves on keeping all our clients happy. 

Save the Moment

Save the Moment

Whether all calls, departments or individual users are under your complete control, inbound and outbound recording choices are available. Because our technology is hosted in the cloud, the only infrastructure you need is a deskphone, computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Total Connect​

Total Connect​

You need to guarantee that your workers can communicate in a  world of increasing flexibility and mobility, wherever they are and whatever device they use. Our managed Unified Communication solution allows you to take advantage of the strength of next-gen collaborative tools without overburdening your IT team-or overburdening your IT spending.

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The Benefits of SIP Trunks and IAX.

These include:

  • Reducing or eliminating ISDN line rental charges
  • The fact you can enjoy affordable call tariffs for external calls
  • You can bundle multiple numbers
  • If you have an older switchboard you may need a gateway – we can supply these.


SIP Trunk

Price Plans
£ 4
00 Month
  • Free SetUp

Unlike traditional phone setups where you once required loads of physical cables, a SIP trunk enables a company to replace traditional fixed lines with connectivity via an internet-based SIP trunking service.

Simply put, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to create voice sessions through a data network connection to your PBX box, without paying for an upgrade to your old box and/or paying for additional PBX box maintenance. They generate the same outcomes as a traditional landline but are virtual lines that run through your internet connection.

SIP Trunks, that is largely underrated, is a great option for anyone who wants to move to virtual telephony as they are simple to use, hassle-free and are a much cheaper option. SIP Trunks ‘ technology is more than the usual’ plug and go’ of landlines, which makes them look like a solution that is only appropriate for the more technically minded. ⠀

Not sure what you need?

Inbound SIP

Receive calls on your on-site PBX via a SIP destination or SIP domain.
UK and international numbers. Option to buy blocks of numbers. Includes PSTN failover option.

Outbound SIP

Make calls on your on-site PBX via a SIP destination or SIP domain.
UK and international numbers.

IAX Trunk

Receive calls on your PBX via an IAX destination or IAX domain.
UK and international numbers. Option to buy blocks of numbers. Includes PSTN failover option.

SBC Licence

Allows you to route a SIP Trunk (In or Out) via an SBC platform, enabling communication with Lync and Avaya platforms.

SIP Trunking – an often overlooked option by businesses

The marketplace for telephony and the connectivity landscape has been transformed into a quicker, more effective and completely agile sector. A paper published previously this year indicates that 41% of companies are using VoIP telephony to cut expenses and enhance efficiencies.* That’s a good figure, but it’s not nearly as big as one might believe, given how long they’ve been around.

Businesses are really beginning to recognize the significance for the next century of embracing smart and swift technology for their organizations to be future-proof. In all walks of the technology sector, embracing modernity is synonymous, and specifically for telephony–SIP Trunking definitely still has a enormous future.

A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk offers, in a nutshell, the same service you get from a traditional analog phone line. However, a SIP Trunk is a virtual line supplied by a SIP trunk provider rather than a physical wire. Your phone system is connected back to their network by the information circuit. It connects your PBX to the PSTN in terms of tech to a network via broadband, Ethernet or private circuit.

Since the 1980s, as computer networking and digital audio have become more sophisticated and easier to transfer, VoIP and SIP Trunking have suddenly become smarter options for companies seeking to regulate their time and, more specifically, reduced price line rentals and call charges. Switching is also quite simple as there is no need for fresh fixed lines and businesses can use current broadband links.

Workplace efficiency is something we all strive for, and I can say with the utmost confidence that SIP trunking allows your business to grow overnight. Companies are most probable to experience greater expenses with their current PBX through a mixture of monthly phone bills that include incoming telephone lines charges, long distance charges and IT and maintenance fees, all of which can be drastically lowered with a SIP Trunking solution.

Whether you’re a small business just getting on its feet or you’re an already established company just looking at the bottom line, SIP trunking enables you a fraction of the cost to free a premium service.

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Omni-Channel Integration


Many contact centres also have other systems running in parallel – like Payment Gateways or third-party reporting systems. The integrated contact centre and CRM platform presented on a single agent screen increases productivity and reduces manual errors.



Track the customer’s IVR journey and record those details in the CRM.

Customer details are presented to the agent in real-time which reduces call handling time and improves satisfaction

Automatically record Call Outcome, Call Duration, Call Notes and location of Call Recording in the CRM.


Our cloud delivery platform means that integration with other web based databases such as Salesforce.com or ServiceNOW can be completed within days and at minimal cost – in contrast with on-premise or hosted solutions where similar integrations are time consuming and often expensive.



Customers can be routed the most appropriate agent based on profile and previous activities.

Delivered in weeks not months at a fraction of the cost of traditional integration projects.

Agents can dial from their CRM application – reducing time and manual errors.