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Why Landline Phones Are Still in Fashion in 2020 FeatureImage

Why Landline Phones Are Still in Fashion in 2020?

With cell phones dominating the 21st century, some may say that landlines are getting out of fashion. However, landline phones aren’t all that bad. It …

Puzzle Pieces with a Word Communication for Virtual Teams

6 Tips for Virtual Teams to Cope with Communication Challenges

Building virtual teams is not easy, especially when it is your first time to venture into this kind of business setup. However, remote work is …

Black IVR system for VoIP Phone

IVR System for VoIP Phones: What is it and How Does it Work?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a phone technology that lets callers interact with a computer to get information or assistance without the need …

Power outages of Voip Connection

How to Keep VoIP Connection Even When There’s a Power Outage?

Business communication is an integral part of a successful organisation. It is important to set up a communication infrastructure that can bring efficiency and transparency …

Computer Laptop on a Digital Workforce

Pros and Cons of a Digital Workforce

The digital workforce is no longer seen as a future trend but instead as an essential strategy to stay relevant in today’s market. The incorporation …

Man with glasses smiling on a virtual workforce

Pros and Cons of Running Your Business from Home with a Virtual Workforce

Companies have adapted to the emerging trend of building a business from home. This new work setup has been subject to scrutiny by experts in …

CloudCommunicationsvsUCaaSBlogImage2 1

Cloud Communications vs UCaaS: What’s the Difference?

With the significance of communications in an organisation, businesses are gradually turning to communication solutions like cloud communications and unified communications. These innovations have started …

Things to Consider When Choosing Voip Phones FeatureImage
Telecom Equipment

Things to Consider When Choosing VoIP Phones

The world of business is truly global. And this demands a global approach to communications. This new reality is why more companies than ever before …

Voip Security Risks and How To Keep Your VoIP Phone System Safe Feature Image

9 VoIP Security Risks and How To Keep Your VoIP Phone System Safe

VoIP security risks are part of the move into a VoIP system. If you’re considering it, it’s normal to have concerns after assessing the potential …

Productive in a Work From Home SettingFeatureImage 4

7 Ways to be Productive in a Work from Home Setting

How to Stay Productive in a Work from Home Setting as the Pandemic Continues? The current COVID-19 pandemic has been drastically affecting several industries. There’s …

Woman Smiling fro Call Centre Solutions

Call Centre Solutions: Tech Trends of 2020/2021

Call centre solutions are performance-focused, designed to achieve specific goals: optimise response times, use data to understand customer concerns and needs better, and improve customer …

VoIP Telephone Systems vs Landline Phones

Battle Of Phone System: VoIP Telephone Systems Versus Landline

Communication technology has evolved. Telephone systems have paved the way for better communication providing a seamless way to connect people in the different parts of …