Is a Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer Worth Buying?

Cloud-based Predictive Dialer Feature
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The business of making and taking phone calls can be a slow and steady grind, especially for companies without the latest technology at their disposal. If you’re looking to take advantage of the available technology for your operations, then a predictive dialer is what you need. But is this phone system a worthy solution? 

Cloud-based dialer software is worth buying because of how it’s able to optimise outbound calls, resulting in multiple high-impact benefits like automated customer relationship management (CRM) tools, increased productivity, and lower operational costs.

Below, we’ll dive into the details of how this dialer works and how it can do all these things for your business.

What Is a Predictive Dialer?

It’s basically a software-based calling system for outbound calls. It automatically dials phone numbers using an algorithm based on customer data. Successful calls are then transferred to a waiting agent for processing. It has the function to filter busy or disconnected numbers, unanswered calls, or calls that went straight to voicemail.

Its main purpose is to connect to the right number at the right time to create more leads and maximise the productivity of agents. This system is often used by businesses that are driven by connecting with customers like sales, marketing, call centres, among others.

Types of Dialer Systems

There are other types of dialer systems being used by businesses, namely manual, automatic, and progressive. 

Manual dialling doesn’t involve any automation software. True to its name, agents manually dial the phone numbers themselves. This kind of process forces agents to wait for the call to connect. It has no option to filter unanswered calls, disconnected numbers, or calls directed to voicemail.

Meanwhile, an autodialer uses software that automatically dials phone numbers uploaded into its database. Once a call is picked up, it either plays a pre-recorded message or automatically routes the call to a waiting agent. It’s similar to a manual system but without the agent having to manually dial the numbers.

Lastly, a progressive dialling system functions by calling one number after the other. Once picked up, it connects the call to an agent, and once the call is done, the system automatically dials the next phone number on the list. 

Predictive Dialer vs. Auto Dialer vs. Progressive Dialer

With the different kinds of dialers available, it might get confusing to figure out which one is most appropriate for your business. To give you a clearer picture, here’s how the different dialling systems compare to predictive dialers and why the latter can benefit your business the most.

Automatic Dialer

As mentioned above, an automatic dialer works by dialling an uploaded list of phone numbers one at a time. Whenever someone answers a call, the software can be programmed to play an automatic message or transfer the call to an agent. 

It’s the most basic of the software-based dialling systems and doesn’t offer the same high-impact solutions as a cloud-based predictive dialer.

However, it can still be useful to smaller companies that don’t need a more advanced VoIP dialer system. Using an automatic dialer can save time and help smaller businesses reach more customers at a consistent rate. It’s also a viable option for companies with agents working remotely.

Progressive Dialer

A progressive dialer is a higher version of an automatic dialer. While it also dials phone numbers from a preloaded database one at a time, the difference is that it proceeds to dial the next number automatically after every call. This is possible because the software is programmed to detect when the current phone call is about to end, which triggers it to make the next call. 

But compared to an automatic dialer, which plays a pre-recorded message, this system offers a more personal approach because agents are readily available to take the call. This enables them to practice their relationship-building skills and to build rapport with their customers.

However, this system can result in lower productivity since it’s more centred on making a connection with the customer rather than being able to make a high number of calls. To achieve a higher call rate, more agents must be deployed, which results in increased overhead costs.

Predictive Dialer

Among the three, only predictive dialer software is able to make multiple calls at the same time. Using its system’s algorithm, it analyses the data and optimises the list to target high-quality leads. It makes outbound calls and routes it to all available agents, thus making it possible to connect to different leads at the same time.

Another feature of this dialer system is that it can make scheduled calls to customers at a time when they’re most likely available. The software’s programming can also filter out-lines that are busy, unanswered, or in “do not disturb” mode. 

This complex system significantly decreases the downtime of agents by routing the next call just as the previous one is ending, maximising the number of leads that each agent can reach.

Because of its features, this type of dialer is most suited for telemarketing companies, insurance companies, payment collection, or for certain customer service functions.

Automatic DialerProgressive DialerPredictive Dialer
Automatic Dialing YesYesYes
Multiple DialingNoNoYes
Calls per AgentSingleSingleMultiple
Routing of CallsYes YesYes
Call FilteringNoNoYes
Deploy Additional Agents to Handle More CallsYesYesNo
Customer ReachLimitedLimitedHigh
Agent ProductivityLowLowHigh
Best ForSmall- to medium-sized companies with remote agents.Quality of calls over quantity.High volume outbound calls.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Predictive Dialer Software

From the comparison of software-based dialers, it’s not hard to see why the predictive type beats out the other systems. But there are other reasons why getting this dialer system is a viable solution for your business.

  1. There’s Not Enough Time

There’s only so much time to create and implement strategies to meet business goals, ensure customer satisfaction, and manage your sales team. Leading and managing a business is not an easy task. 

A predictive software to auto-dial calls can help take some load off your back. Employing this system is like having an assistant who manages your team’s daily tasks so you can focus on improving their skills and working on business strategies. 

This type of dialer can also ensure high productivity without having to do any micro-management on your part.

  2. Your Sales Team Needs More Improvement

Unfortunately, not everyone is a superstar on their teams. Some sales agents are not as efficient as they should be.

Any unproductive time can be reduced by using a predictive dialer software. Your agents will always have another call waiting for them after each and every call. This forces them to get a handle on their work, perform better, and improve their skills.

  3. Improves Customer Service 

A great thing about this type of dialer is that it has additional communication features aside from making phone calls. A VoIP dialer offers features like sending scheduled text messages and voice messages. This can be helpful because some customers prefer a certain way of communicating during a specific time of the day or week. 

By maximising the additional features of a predictive dialling system, you’re able to connect to your leads at the best possible time for them. This can lead to better engagement and can result in a closed deal.

Also, catching customers at a good time can leave a positive imprint on them. This makes them feel good about your business because it gives the impression that you care about their time, adding more value to your brand.

  4. Reduces Operational Costs

The beauty of predictive dialers lies in its ability to make multiple calls simultaneously. But more than this, it’s the ability to filter and prioritise answered calls that ensure your agents are always talking to a customer and not wasting time waiting for the phone to be picked up. 

These features allow you to make more calls without the need to increase your headcount. Thus, productivity per agent is maximised, making your operation more efficient than ever. Using a predictive dialling system allows you to do more with less, giving your business extra savings.

  5. Accelerates Sales

In sales, more leads usually mean more sales. Using predictive software to dial calls is like using a wider net. If you’re aiming to increase sales numbers significantly, this is the tool to use.

No matter what the sales target is, casting a wider net can catch more customers in the process, giving you a faster opportunity to reach the goal. On the other hand, using a smaller net will get you fewer customers and a much slower path to reach the target. 

5 Benefits of Having a Predictive Dialer Software

The reasons why you need a predictive dialling software should be compelling enough to make a move. But if you need more convincing, then the numerous benefits should be able to convince you even more.

  1. Reduces Human Error

Human errors can’t be avoided in any business, that’s a fact, and minimising such errors is always the desired goal of any company. Using predictive dialers is one of the best methods to reach that goal.

The system doesn’t allow any downtime between calls and routes the next call to the next person available. Agents no longer have to do manual dialling, which completely eliminates any instances of calling the wrong number. The smart call assignment (to be discussed below) also ensures every call is handled by an agent and isn’t left unattended.

  2. Lowers Operational Cost

A VoIP system with a predictive dialling feature lowers your operational costs through the following:

  • Deploying fewer agents. The increased productivity per agent allows them to handle more calls without having to increase headcount. This lowers fixed expenses and increases sales.

Utilising existing equipment. Opting for a cloud-based dialer doesn’t require any hardware upgrades. Even if you do have to make hardware upgrades to accommodate a predictive dialling system, the costs you’ll incur will be a lot less than hiring more agents to handle more calls in a different system. 

  3. Triples Productivity

The automation you get from this type of dialer will do wonders for your team’s productivity. The algorithm that the software uses can predict how long an agent’s call usually lasts, allowing it to queue the next call immediately.

It also eliminates the repetitive tasks that each agent goes through, like looking up phone numbers, dialling, and researching leads. These may be minor tasks but can accumulate to a significant amount of time because they’re done over and over.

The software can also track the performance data of each team member—data that can be useful to managers in analysing the efficiency gains of their agents.

  4. Secures and Manages Your Database

Another major benefit comes in the form of managing your call and customer data. The software has been programmed to track and record the phone call and customer data and organises the relevant information into your database. 

With this, there will be no need for agents to manually take note of details, which may or may not be done accurately, thus also reducing instances of human error.

You can also be assured of the security of your information. This type of dialer software comes with the necessary security measures to protect your data from hacking and being vulnerable to other cybersecurity risks.

  5. Smart Call Assignments

Bias is a part of human nature. It can’t be helped if some agents prefer certain clients over others. Unfortunately, this isn’t helpful for a business where every call counts.

Utilising a predictive software for dialling doesn’t permit agents to choose who they want to call and when. Because it optimises productivity and efficiency, it doesn’t take into consideration an agent’s preferred client. 

With smart call assignments, the software automatically assigns calls to the next available agent without any bias.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Predictive Dialers

Now that you’ve gone through the reasons and benefits of buying predictive dialers, here are a few more things to consider before making the actual purchase.

  1. Pricing

The predictive dialers cost will vary depending on the scope of its use, which will be dictated by your business needs. So the first thing you have to do is to determine the purpose of getting a dialer and the required features. 

Once you know what you need, it will be easier to compare prices and acquire the package that makes the most sense for your business. 

  2. Integration

The next thing to consider is how the tool integrates into your existing system. Do you have the equipment needed to install the software? What business tools are compatible with it? 

The features that you’ll be using in a dialling software should be able to solve problems that you’re currently facing and should seamlessly integrate into your business operations. It should offer improvement and not become a disruption.

  3. Customisable per Campaign to Support Marketing Goals

It’s an asset for businesses to have a dialling software that can be customised to fit your campaigns and marketing goals. If you run different campaigns that involve making and taking calls, then you should consider this feature in a predictive dialling system.

Managing specific customer lists, starting or deleting campaigns, and making scheduled calls are just a few customisable features to look for.

  4. Lead Management: Enables Seamless Calling Process and Accelerate Sales

This type of dialer can help your business by prioritising leads with the most potential through an analysis of call history, past transactions, and other relevant data. Armed with high-quality leads, your team can get down to business and generate sales at an accelerated rate.

A lead management feature is an important aspect of predictive dialers. Without it, it’s easy to lose potential leads and customer data. If your business struggles with finding leads and generating sales, this feature is a must.

  5. Customer Support

An advantage when you use a cloud-based VoIP service is that it’s the responsibility of the provider to manage the system and give the proper customer support. This makes it crucial to choose a provider who’s reliable and has a good track record not just for the product but on giving customer support as well.

Get Your VoIP Phone with Predictive Dialling from VoIPTech Solutions

The benefits of upgrading to VoIP technology and predictive dialling makes it a worthy investment for businesses that rely heavily on communication tools. The resulting increase in productivity and sales sets you on the way to achieve targets and drive growth especially with the right provider like VoIPTech Solutions.

Moving into VoIP technology is effortless with VoIPTech Solutions. Our cloud-based VoIP communications solutions are easy to use, safe, and secure. Our Communicator package includes a predictive dialling feature and other tools that offer a unified system to enhance communication and better collaboration without compromising privacy and security.

Get your VoIP phone system with a predictive dialer by calling 0203 745 0201 or sending us an email at [email protected]

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