How Unified Communications as a Service is Installed

VoIP Phones for Unified Communications as a Service
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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has never been as vital as it is today with the increasing need for remote work and customers requesting interaction with companies through different communication channels.

The importance of this system has been established; to further enlighten you on the importance of the transition to this system, we will look at the unified communications system installation process.

What You Need to Get Started with Unified Communications

Getting started with Unified Communications as a Service is a big step for your business, and even though a lot of it is related to your unified communications provider, some of it falls on you and your business. We are going to take a look at some of the requirements needed before installation.

System & Connection Requirements



How Unified Communications Are Set-Up

We have considered the requirements that would be needed from the client’s end; now, we will look at how unified communications systems are set up from start to finish.

This covers everything you can expect from unified communications providers; in this section, we will cover each stage of the set-up process.

  • Initial contact and demonstration by the provider

There are many sides to UC, some of which you know about, and others you may not. The initial contact, as well as the demonstration by the provider, would cover all the important facts. These facts include all the characteristics of service from the most important down to the small parts of service.

This would give you an oversight of the benefits of Unified Communication as a Service system, pointing to you why it is the best option for your business. At VoIPTech Solutions, we deal with facts and figures that would cover all the facts, cost and scalability, which helps drive your business and customer satisfaction in the right direction.

  • Application set-up on various devices


At VoIPTech Solutions, we make use of the option User Management > User Settings> UC service, from which we set up aspects of your UC service, such as presence, instant messaging, conferencing and voicemail.

On installation, the service window in VoIPTech Solutions Manager Administration will allow you to add, maintain, display and search for information about UC services. You can also categorise your UC services into different profiles linked with the end-users. With this, the client can download the profile for integration with the initial configuration you set up.


For the installation of Unified Communications on your mobile device, the mobile app delivered from UCaaS vendors is installed on the specific device of use and all of the initial configuration setup would be integrated likewise into the system.

  • Setting up the system on other devices

One of the benefits of UCaaS is remote functionality. This allows companies to make use of the same system wherever they go. Working from home or working remotely can be frustrating with much essential staff being unreachable at very important times. This system makes communication swift, regardless of location.

Setting up unified communication remotely, either at home or anywhere outside the office, can be done using the following:

  • Static IP Phone at Home

Working from home requires a set up just like the one you have at your office, and with UCaaS, your static IP phone can keep you connected and communicating with equal access to all communication lines.

  • Make use of a laptop

When working anywhere outside of the office, all you need to do is install your UCaaS provider-client on your laptop. This gives you a desktop application that has a software similar to that of a mobile device.

Upon installation, all you need to do is turn on your PC and activate the collaboration client.

N.B: For better sound quality when communicating, you should use a headset rather than the speakers on your device.

  • Using a smartphone

When you are on the go, your smartphone is an essential tool for running your UC system. When you install your software client, you will be able to access all your applications, such as video, IM, presence, chat and more. You can easily switch back to your laptop when you are at home.

The UCaaS provider has covered all of the hard work; all you need to do is connect and get working. So, working from home or working remotely is easy and effective with UC.

Unified Communication Systems in Action

The integration of the unified communications system is not difficult. All you need is the basics. This is especially good for employees who do not have background knowledge. For easy integration of the system into your business operations, your unified communications provider does the following:

    • Employee training: this involves person-to-person training. A delegated person from your office would have one-to-one training with your UCaaS vendor.
    • Group Training: this training involves a demonstration from the UCaaS providers to a group of individuals in your firm. This can be carried out when needed or at scheduled times.
  • Integration motoring: after the right amount of information has been passed to your staff, either individually or as a group, the team’s integration progress is monitored to make sure that everyone is up to speed with everything.

A Breakdown of Unified Communications Features

UC allows a user to send information from one device and receive that information from another; this is a significant advantage for many businesses, which is why, in this section, we are going to be looking at some of the system’s features.

  1. Video conferencing: video conferencing has been essential to business productivity, but for some time, it has been challenging to manage with streams of difficulties ravaging the system. With Unified communications, video conferencing has been unified into a single interface shared with other collaborative applications.

With regards to video conferencing, the benefits of UC mean that you do not have to have several devices in one location for it to be possible. International and remote communication is easy at this point.

  1. Audio conferencing: audio conferencing across many devices with different providers can be complicated because numerous providers all try to connect at the same time. With unified communication, you can make the most of your audio conferences without the usual break in transmission as a result of numerous vendors.
  2. Web conferencing: another function of unified communication is web conferencing. This means of business communication has previously functioned using telephone communication. However, with UC, you can make use of VoIP without the stress of phone calls.
  3. Unified messaging: with many messaging platforms, communication from one point to the other can lead to loss of information. Unified messaging makes communication a lot easier. This is because you have all your means of communication (emails, voicemails and online fax messages) all in one inbox. This means you have a streamlined communication channel at one cost.
  4. CRM: CRM also known as customer relationship management, is your ability to keep your customers continually happy. This has previously been difficult because poor communication between customers and clients leads to dissatisfaction. The more clients can communicate with you, the more satisfied they are. You can increase your CRM with UC because you can remain online anywhere, using any device, servicing their needs on the go.

When to Shift to a Unified Communications Provider

There are many benefits to the UC system, but there comes a time when you have to know when to stick with your present provider or shift to another. Here are some of the factors you must consider when the need for a change in UC provider arises:

  1. Increased cost: many Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS market) providers interest users and clients with an initial monthly and yearly fee and then suddenly change their rates, especially when users are getting used to such a great system. This is something that needs careful consideration because the scalability factor promised by such a cloud unified communications platform has been lost, making it more expensive than previous means of communication.
  2. Too many paid upgrades: upgrades are designed to improve business functionality, but we see many providers keeping some essential features hidden and bringing them out at the last minute as a paid upgrade. This should never be the case; the initial subscription cost should cover any new upgrade.
  3. Reduced flexibility: the most important aspect of the UCaaS system is its flexibility; when you find it does not give you the necessary help to scale up or down, then a change is needed.
  4. Overall poor user experience: the numerous benefits such as improved connectivity between staff and customers should be met, increasing the overall positive user experience. However, when there are challenges with user connections or connectivity and proficiency on your side, as well as connection issues with your clients, this indicates a significant need for change.

VoIPTech Solutions has a goal, and that is user satisfaction. The objective of this company is to keep your business running without extra cost and the extra stress of keeping all your connections up and running. The numerous benefits of this system, such as video conferencing, web conferencing, audio conferencing, instant messaging, and CRM, alongside others, are offered with top quality and the best price to match.


The installation of the unified communication system is a simple process, and once the system requirements are met, you can leave the rest to us.

From the initial point of contact to the point of full installation and integration, the system is not as difficult to implement. And with the many features, you can see that the system is the best option for your business.

If you want to learn more about our services, please give us a call on 0203 745 0202. This is one of the best options for your business, and you need to go for it right away.


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