How to Choose the Best VoIP Service for Business

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Communication is an important aspect in every industry and, with today’s technology, there are several options that businesses can consider for them to converse with their customers, bargain with the vendors, and coordinate with their team.

While there are email, chat, and social media channels, customers may sometimes prefer verbal communication. This is why many businesses offer their phone numbers on their websites. Giving people more than one way to communicate with your business can improve your customer support, build trust with your customers, and boost sales. This is where Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based business phone service can help you.

A VoIP provider can help any business adapt their methods of communication to a market that is constantly evolving. It enables businesses to manage and track their calls, collect customer data, and build a relationship with their customers.

With the rise of popularity of VoIP technology, choosing one that is best for what you need can be a bit overwhelming. Not all VoIP providers are created the same. Each VoIP system available has a different set of features and pricing structure.


Misconceptions about VoIP Service

In 2018, the global VoIP market share was $77.4 billion, but by 2024, it has been projected to reach $194.5 billion. VoIP is one of the most affordable upgrades that you can have in your business. It has great quality with multiple features that will help you bring more efficiency to your workplace.

Despite all the benefits, some businesses are still worried about making the switch. Their hesitation s caused by the unfamiliarity and misconception about  VoIP service. 


Myth #1: VoIP Systems are Unreliable

The reliability of your VoIP services depends on the strength of your internet connection. However, a good VoIP provider will double-check your business requirements to ensure that it has solid resources to support the system.

Truth: VoIP systems are more reliable than your standard phones.


Myth #2: VoIP is Costly

VoIP may appeal as costly because of its advanced technology, but it actually saves you more.

VoIP users have reported saving as much as 80% on their phone bills, compared to having standard phones. 

Business VoIP providers offer

Your business can choose from a variety of VoIP services and features that fits your business requirement. 

Truth: The integration of VoIP systems to your business can be less expensive than the standard phone system.


Myth #3: VoIP is Difficult to Use

The systems and features of VoIP may seem to be overwhelming to those who are familiar with standard phones. But this is not the case for VoIP systems. 

How does VoIP work? VoIP systems have simpler installation processes. The majority of VoIP devices and phones come pre-configured for plug and play.

With its advanced features, a VoIP business phone allows you to manage your calls with less effort. 

In no time, your employees can be comfortable in using VoIP without any hassle, thus increasing work productivity.

Truth: It has a simple installation process and allows easy operation.


Myth #4: VoIP is not Secure 

Most of the VoIP providers maintain reliable security measures that protect from any security leaks in the network. Some implement firewalls to keep track of the traffic that is going in and out of the internet connection which prevents strange activities from infiltrating the system.

Truth: The security of VoIP connection depends on the security of the network.


Myth #5: VoIP is for Large Businesses Only

There are a lot of benefits that a VoIP phone system could bring to small businesses. VoIP offers a scalable telephone solution that is best for small enterprises. 

Truth: A lot of small businesses are making a switch to VoIP business phone systems.


Myth #6: VoIP is no different from standard phones

VoIP has many functions that are not available on the standard phone system. It offers compelling features that can improve efficiency in the workplace.

Even with apprehension surrounding the VoIP system, more and more people recognize the capabilities and advantages of using the system for their business growth.

Truth: Aside from saving on phone bills, VoIP increases productivity in the workplace.


VoIP Service in Various Industries

Businesses today need to be flexible and more competitive than it was before. 

In terms of communication, more and more users are switching to VoIP systems. According to a study by Infonetics Research, VoIP subscription grew by approximately 14% year over year since 2009.

Industries who rely on VoIP scaled


Pre-Service Planning

Are you thinking of switching to VoIP?

Here are some things that you need  to look before getting a service:

  1. What features do you need?

Assess the needs of your business. Do a VoIP features comparison to from various service providers. Get a service that fits your business strategy and choose the perfect VoIP features for business.


  1. Do you have the essential requirements for installation?

The reliability of the VoIP service relies on the strength of the internet connection. You should have enough bandwidth to accommodate the calls you need to have in a day. You need to check for connection upgrade if needed.


  1. Check your budget range.

Assess the current call volume of your business based on employee count and call engagement with customers, vendors, teams, and partners. With the features presented by the VoIP service provider, which of them would best fit in your business? What is your payment preference – will it be monthly or yearly?


Doing the Initial Research


There are a lot of VoIP systems providers available. Choosing one that best fits your business might need a little research. Creating a list of  VoIP service providers in your area might help.

Creating a list will provide you with a clearer version of the pros and cons of each provider. Here are some of the things you need to look into:

  1. Budget
    The first thing you need to do before you start your research for a VoIP Provider is to determine how much budget you are willing to allocate for it. This will make it easier for you to narrow down prospects. 

  a subscription fee within your budget range

    • Different service providers have different ranges of subscription fee – depending on the needs of the business.
    • The price range of VoIP systems could range from £1 to £70.


VoIPtech offers VoIP phone system, Wave, for as low as £2 and as high as £18. Whatever your budget is, you can be sure that Wave can provide packed features specific to your needs as a business. The main difference will be a landline or mobile minutes as well as a number of users.


  1. Method of Payment

Right after identifying your budget allocation, the next thing to evaluate is your preferred payment method. There are subscription plans that offer monthly and yearly payments (the most common options), but there are also per channel and per-user payment modes.


  have your preferred method of payment

    • Do you prefer to pay on a month-to-month basis or on a yearly basis?


  1. Additional Service charges
    •  Some VoIP providers are offering deals that would entice you to subscribe but are not clear with what is contained in the package.

This may cause additional charges. Check thoroughly if the service provider as could adequately explain the packages they offer.


VoIP phone system features

Aside from the fees of installment and operation of VoIP, you should check various features that are included in the system.

Call Features


  Types of Calls 

    • Phone to Phone
    • Phone to Computer
      • computer to computer
      • computer to phone
      • mobile phone to other devices

  Basic and advanced subscription

    • The price for a subscription could range from £1 to £70. Determine if a £1 subscription is enough to satisfy the needs of your business or if a higher package will best your objectives.
    • What are the features included in the lowest package, and how does it differ from the higher packages.
    • System per package


VoIPtech offers a £6 per month per user with 100 landline or mobile minutes. With the package, you can make and receive calls from almost any device. Use the purpose-built Android and iOS mobile apps, and get set-up in no time, with step-by-step support from our team.

Call Monitoring

  Managing your calls with the system

Call recording can help in collecting the data of your customers. This will also be helpful as a reference for agreements made in the event of irate clients.

    • Call tracking can help you monitor the performance of your agents.
    • In case of emergency and inability to respond quickly to the call, you may need to have a voicemail.
    • The call to text function helps in reminding the customers of the deals that you have without having to talk to them in person.

VoipTech Wave Functionality

Call Integrations

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    • CRM could help manage the relationship of your business with your customers as well as your potential customers.
    • A CRM system can give you a clear summary of what the customer needs and what the customer wants. You can see it through a dashboard that tells the customer’s orders, service issues and more.

    Call extensions

VoIP extension can offer business flexibility to cut costs and can even allow members of your team to contact each other regardless of where they are working. Having call extensions also means not having to memorize phone numbers as callers can directly contact the person they want to reach.


Security Check

VoIP systems allow users to make calls through the internet.  In selecting a VoIP systems provider, you need to check if they implement safety measures to prevent a data breach and unauthorized use of the system.

Data security

  Check for reliable security measures to ensure that the employees’ data, as well as the customers’ data, will not be breached.

  Evaluate what protocols the system has against hackers

  Make sure it has  hosting-down scenarios for power outages and internet interruptions

Ease of Use

One of the VoIP features and benefits is its ease of use. Different providers have different interface designs. Check if your VoIP service provider has a user-friendly design to allow ease of usage.  

Different VoIP systems providers offer a variety of services that could either help increase your business productivity or increase the payables of your business. 

It is best to research and learn about the pros and cons of each IP Phone systems provider before subscribing to one.


Customer Support

Aside from the price and features, as a buyer, you will also want to have an excellent customer service experience. When doing research on which VoIP provider you will want to subscribe to, check the available customer support they have.

–   Onboarding support
On-boarding will help the user to be familiarized with the system and be in ease as they use it.

–   24/7 support
Round-the-clock customer service support is essential, especially for those users who utilize the system on an irregular schedule.



Most online customers of today check the reviews on the internet first before making a purchase. There is a reason for this- It lets you know other customers’ experience with using the product. Here are ways you can leverage reviews before committing to a service


–   Check for social media reviews
Many people go on social media. And most of them share their experiences online. With social media, you can get an honest view of using VoIP.

–   Check video reviews
Video reviews include the showing of the product and the way to use it. Checking video reviews will let you know the experience of the customer with the usage of a VoIP system.

–   View reviews from trusted business sites
Reviews from trusted business sites will help you know the experience they have as they use a VoIP system from different providers.

–   Check comments from application review sites
Application review sites provide reviews of a variety of products. Checking feedback from these sites will help through getting comparisons from different providers.


Selecting the best VoIP systems provider could be daunting and a bit overwhelming. A lot of myths are surrounding the system and may cause hesitations. But these myths are mostly untrue and a lot of services have already been relying on VoIP as a communication system.  

Before making a decision do your homework. Check your needs. Check your budget. Check your resources. Search for a VoIP provider that would ensure to give you the best service for your business needs. 

Different VoIP systems providers offer a variety of services that could either help increase business productivity or increase the payables of your business. VoIP providers offer different features at different prices. It is best to research and learn about the pros and cons of each VoIP system provider before subscribing to one. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Start getting the benefits of having a VoIP system for your business. Contact VoIPtech to see and experience what we have for you.




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