How Do Businesses Use VoIP Systems?

How Do Businesses Use Voip Systems
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Efficient business communication plays a significant role in elevating the revenue graph and improving the productivity of the company. Over the years, business communication has completed many evolutions that have contributed to the success of the industry. But it was only after the inception of VoIP systems that businesses started to realize the benefits of reliable, flexible and scalable communication.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems is defined as the trending technology or an internet-based standard used to establish connectivity between different channels. Voice over Internet Protocol sends voice data packets over IP instead of the circuit transmission in PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network). Internet-based connectivity has revolutionized the communication infrastructure in organizations.

VoIP technology is not new to the world; over the past four decades, VoIP has evolved tremendously, making it one of the most efficient communication technologies with least competition. It has made some significant transformations to bag the space taken by one of the more common types of business phone systems. Before VoIP, small business phone systems used to be inefficient, and the communication infrastructure was plagued with problems.

“Small businesses have been able to reduce their cost of local calls by 40% and international calls by 90% with the help of VoIP technology.” – Tech.Co – Tech 7 Startup Events Resources Report

VoIP Technology: Down Memory Lane

VoIP technology was not always an efficient and productive communication technology. Just like any other telephone systems, VoIP also had its share of problems and radical transformations.

Current VoIP technology first appeared in 1978 before the invention of the internet. It was being used on ARPANET, where voice conferencing within the organization was made possible by sending voice packets. The first VoIP application was released in 1995 by Vocal Tec with the name Internet Phone. In 1999, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) became the ideal protocol for VoIP connectivity.

Asterisk made the breakthrough on the business front by launching software-driven PBX. The 2000s was the decade dedicated to the hosted VoIP for business. Acknowledging its many benefits, even small companies started to move towards VoIP phone systems.

It was during the 2000s that the majority of telecommunication software companies turned their business models into hosted VoIP service providers.

Top Businesses That Use VoIP Phones

The face of business telephone systems is completely changed with the inception of VoIP technology. The majority of business industries have already adopted VoIP systems into their organizations and have started to reap the benefits. Some prominent industries that have relished the advantages of this revolutionizing communication technology are as follows:

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The benefits of VoIP phone systems are omnipresent; you cannot deny the widespread use of this communication technology. As more and more industries are shifting to VoIP solutions, VoIP companies are bound to increase the capabilities of the system. As well as the sectors mentioned above,  many others are optimally using this technology.

For instance, the eCommerce industry is all about enhancing customer experience, and with the help of VoIP, these business models can achieve their customer engagement goals. It helps them to record calls; CRM management pulls up information of the customers; the auto attendant is used to route the call requests, and many capabilities are focused on meeting the end goals.

Reasons Why Business Turn To VoIP Systems

There are many reasons to choose VoIP solutions over any other business telephone systems. While the business industry is continuously evolving, only VoIP technology can keep up with the pace. Take a look at some of the reasons why business must bring a VoIP phone system into their organization:

Increased Flexibility

Business communication is all about making things as straightforward and streamlined as possible. One of the significant advantages of choosing VoIP solutions over other business telephone systems is its fantastic flexibility. With VoIP, you can do more than just make phone calls. You can integrate other essential applications and software, and facilitate emails, eFax, video conferencing, etc. All these features are made to keep up with continually evolving business needs.

Better Mobility

Transferring the phone system from one location to another has always been a prominent concern for business. But with VoIP, it is no longer a worry as VoIP technology is also known for its better mobility. You can take your device anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. It is easy to install and disassemble, so you do not have to worry about mobility.

Decreased Cost

Before VoIP technology, making business calls always had a high cost for the business. Now, with increased calling experience over the internet, companies can enjoy reduced call costs. VoIP facilitates cheap long-distance calls with lower call rates. When you need to make an international voice/video call, your VoIP bill will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Enhanced Scalability

There is no doubt that business communication will have an increased amount of workload to handle. VoIP improves the scalability in connection by efficiently managing the bulk work of communication. With a lower cost and enhanced calling experience, VoIP has taken over business communication and has provided scalable communication solutions to all, primarily benefiting the small and mid-sized business.

How Does Business Use VoIP Systems For Better Productivity?

With the inclusion of VoIP technology, businesses have transformed the way they communicate as it has completely revolutionized their communication infrastructure. There are many ways in which organizations can optimally use VoIP solutions. Let’s take a look at how companies can make use of VoIP to enhance their productivity:

Efficient Communication

Believe it or not, communication is the key to better productivity. It is essential to establish smooth communication between different departments of the business. There have been many transformations in business telephone systems, but none have proved to be as efficient as VoIP.

Streamlined communication solution is what defines VoIP technology. Whether it is making rich video/voice calls or connecting your mails and faxes, VoIP has always been a robust communication solution for business. With VoIP, you can switch from voice to video calls, attach call buttons in emails, and automate calls as well. You can use Wave VoIP phone systems to bring in the required efficiency in your business communication with its fantastic calling features.

Better Multitasking

When it comes to business communication, many things need to be handled. It takes an efficient and reliable phone system to fulfil all those tasks efficiently. There is nothing more effective and productive than a VoIP system that can juggle multiple tasks.

Whether it is making the communication job easier for the employees or organizing virtual meetings, VoIP has everything covered. You can send attachments and share different data across VoIP and establish better connectivity between departments. With automated call routing, VoIP can efficiently transfer a call to its designated destination.  With all these features, employees can concentrate on efficient working without being interrupted.

Balance Your Budget

Irrespective of their size and structure, every business’ communication needs can be hefty. It is not only internal communication; connecting with clients on a global scale is also one of the significant contributors to expensive phone bills. That’s where VoIP office phone systems come to the rescue. It is quite evident that VoIP phones make internet-dependent calls that facilitate a faster and better calling experience.

VoIP phone call costs are far cheaper than any traditional phone systems. It is one of the main reasons businesses prefer VoIP over anything else. VoIP helps in balancing the budget of the company by reducing the significant costs incurred by making expensive phone calls. Whether it is an intranet or international calls, VoIP will barely affect your business budget. Wave VoIP phone systems are a great option to turn to VoIP technology without interrupting your budget. The services and features of Wave phone systems are affordable and always fit in your budget.

Monitors The Growth

If you think VoIP is only there to make calls and send faxes instantly, then you are mistaken. The possibilities of VoIP systems go far beyond this. You can also use it to gauge employee performance and customer engagement. When you integrate software and application to VoIP phones, you can easily monitor and supervise the performance in your organization. It helps managers to keep an eye on their employees and ascertain how they are contributing to the end goal.

This mainly works for employees engaged in customer support. With VoIP, you can keep track of customers’ complaints that will help you make better plans for resolving their queries. Also, it can be used to determine how well the employee is working to provide better customer satisfaction. In a nutshell, VoIP can offer more than just calling features.

What Do Businesses Get From Bringing VoIP Into Their Organization?

It is quite clear that VoIP has excellent benefits for businesses. Whether it is bringing down the call cost or increasing work efficiency, VoIP has brought positive changes to the industry in different ways.

With VoIP, businesses have been able to improve their productivity by minimizing the efforts incurred in managing communication. It has automated every task, so employees can concentrate on other core components of the business and contribute to productivity.

Streamlining communication is another major perk of businesses using VoIP. Internet-dependent calling has made it easier for employees to handle not just calls, but it enables effortless emails, faxes, text messages, and conferencing. All this has contributed to improving the communication infrastructure of the company.

When it comes to customer service, there is nothing more reliable and effective than VoIP phones. Keeping track of customer feedback and automating their requests, with the help of VoIP, businesses have been able to take their customer service to higher levels.

How To Choose A VoIP Service

There is no doubt in asserting that VoIP technology is by far the most effective communication solution that has helped businesses to enhance their performance. Providing amazing features and capabilities beyond calling, VoIP has proven it is impeccable and unparalleled communication technology.

Once you have realized the benefits of VoIP technology, it is time to make a decision and find a VoIP service provider that can fulfil your communication needs. There are plenty of VoIP phone services that you can opt for, but it is essential to make a well-informed decision to make the right choice.

Here are a few factors that you must consider before choosing a VoIP phone service:

Cost of The Service

One of the prominent factors that you must look into is the cost of services. Ask the service provider about their service costs and ascertain whether it falls within your budget and if it is worth the facilities they are providing.

VoIP phone service is all about reducing your communication costs, so you must not end up with something that has a hefty price tag. Many companies are providing affordable phone services to their clients, and you must look out for such service providers.


An equally important factor to consider alongside the cost is the quality of the services. When you approach a VoIP service provider, it is essential to ascertain all the services that they intend to provide you. Be thorough with your queries to avoid any hindrance after the installation.

Make sure to ask them about customer support post-installation, as it plays a significant role in steering clear of any issues. You must choose a service provider according to the quality and quantity of their services.


Word of mouth plays a vital role in deciding on the VoIP provider. If you pay attention to the reviews, you get a clear understanding regarding the services of the VoIP service provider and have a better perspective. It is always better to rely on reviews than falling for the, possibly false, claims of the service providers.

You can also take recommendations from other companies to determine which VoIP service is currently trending in the market. Look out for all the options, check out the reviews, and then make a final decision based on your observations. It is not necessary to make decisions in haste. Communication is a crucial fragment of business; you must be sensitive towards it.

User Experience

Without eminent service quality, you cannot possibly trust any service provider. Another vital thing to take into consideration is the user experience. When you reach out to the service provider, it is essential to ask about their track record and to understand whether it has a good user experience.

The user experience of a VoIP phone is its quality features that have contributed well to the business and its communication needs. So, it is always necessary to look out for service providers with services and products having a better user experience. Search for companies that can promise you an enhanced user experience and features that rightly fit with your company’s communication goals.

Bring A Wave Of Innovation!

VoIP technology has revolutionized business communication and paved the way for better productivity. The magnificent benefits have enabled VoIP to emerge as a promising communication. Whether it is the enhanced calling experience or reduced call costs, VoIP has proven to be a great communication solution that has resolved all communication-related issues in organizations. However, almost every industry has optimally embraced VoIP technology; some sectors are yet to realize its worth.

It is crucial to find a reliable VoIP system that can adhere to all your communication requirements, and Wave is one such promising VoIP system that will cater to your diverse communication requirements. It is an efficient VoIP phone solution that has exceptional customer service ratings. With less downtime and improved operational quality, Wave has emerged as one of the most reliable phone services in the market.

If you also want to connect to excellence and reliability, connect to Wave and bring a wave of innovation into your communication infrastructure. Whether it is the ease of installation or responsive customer service, Wave will never disappoint you when it comes to unparalleled VoIP services.

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