Does Anyone Even Send A Fax Anymore?

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Even though the fax machine is an outdated piece of hardware, the technology behind it is very much alive, which makes it a valuable business tool today. During the early 1980s, the fax machine was considered the height of business tech, but you begin to wonder why faxing is still an essential part of many businesses today.

One might say, “I have email, why must I send a fax?”.

With all the technology we have today, ranging from our smartphones to digital cloud systems, and even 4k live streaming for talking to investors all over the world, what makes it so important for businesses to still send a fax?

Legal authenticity and confidentiality

A fax document plays a vital role in many parts of a business operation, mostly when it comes to the legal side of things such as contracts. It is possible to make use of e-contracts for some businesses, while for others, not so much. Legal firms, government agencies, and many other industries that are highly regulated often want proof of genuine hand-written signatures on items relating to anything with legal implications. When you send a fax, it is the most dependable way to offer a recognisable and legally binding signature.

These fax documents are extensively acknowledged as having a more reliable date and time stamp than emails, which gives them more value where the accuracy of information is concerned. The manner of operation for many companies is different and to function as a competitive company; you must have the capacity to send a fax, communicate and collaborate in a way to suit all third parties.

Faxing modernisation

The future of the fax industry sounds like an irony yet the fax is growing to cope with the modern world. Even though the fax machine is considered an outdated piece of technology, with numerous problems, it is still fundamental to business functionality in this day and age. If your business can’t fax, then you face an even higher restriction as a business person.

As it is now, you can send a fax as well as receive one via a mobile app through technological advancements known as email or cloud fax. This means that the use of a fax machine is not a necessity when it comes to collaborating and transmitting documents, even when communicating with a business using an old setup.

When we talk about cloud faxing here, we are talking about a combination of the old faxing method with the ease of use, cost-saving, and accessibility. This is the same as when you send a fax through a fax machine, but the only thing is that this is done digitally. We know that most documents used today are transmitted through a digital platform, and with the use of cloud faxing, all you have to do is import these files into specially designed software where you can add your signature through the use of touchscreen technology. Whenever you want to send a fax as a physical document, scanners and cameras can be made use of and it can then forwarded using the software via the internet.

Even the most basic and old-fashioned fax machines can still receive such documents and vice versa, which means that you can always fax documents as you like without having to worry about having fax machines in the office. You do not have to make use of emails as they can be intercepted and used by unscrupulous people.

Streamlined operations

Apart from the option of sending a fax digitally, what would be a secure alternative if you want to send a contract to someone else to sign and then send back to you? With the latest technology, the majority might be tempted to say emails, but we all know how unsafe emails can sometimes be. Talking about speed as well, you would need to scan the document, wait for the other person to receive it and then send it back to you again – when compared to the digital as well as the old-fashioned way of faxing, I would say that when you send a fax, you have a better way of operating.

Confirmation pages

This is another reason why faxing is still an essential part of business, as it ends a transfer with a confirmation whenever the recipient has received the document. This way, you not only are sure that when you send a fax, the document has been received, but it is also a way to ensure that operations go as planned, especially in situations where quick responses are needed.

The fax machine, as well as new faxing methods, are well in use to this day, and what we can say about this technology is that when it comes to what it can offer, it is still relevant to business operations, having no concrete replacement at the moment. This points to the fact that even though, at this point in your business or company, there will come a time when the need for this new faxing technology will arise, with the information provided by faxing, your best bet is to make use of the fax machine.

Something we can understand as a popular option when it comes to sending and receiving documents, but the majority know that for vital information to be sent, then security is a non-negotiable factor, one which email services cannot offer as they are subject to email theft – you definitely do not want your documents falling into the wrong hands, do you?

Outdated, updated, modified, simplified; faxing has been, and still is, an effective way to send information, and it remains vital to every business out there today.

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