Voip Service Enterprise

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All-inclusive, evolving functionalities for Business Enterprises

Expand your market and manage your cost savings with our all-inclusive communications and collaboration platform.

Take advantage of the power of cloud! Manage your business from setup to deployment with our user-friendly platform that allows more efficient communication and collaboration with the use of computers and other devices at once.

Our solutions are packed with features and we offer packages that are flexible and customisable depending on your needs. The flexibility allows your business to grow more seamlessly, given the ability of what this tool could offer for online client interface (from messaging, chats, to audio and video conferencing).

Choose your own number, may it be local or international, and use it to call anyone around the globe.

Enterprises usually have offices that are geographically separated, and we offer affordable solutions like toll-free VoIP Numbers for you to reach clients within and outside your reach, whilst expanding your borders in the process. With VoIPTech, you can choose your own number, may it be local, international, or non-geographic. Leverage on free inbound calling and extension-to-extension dialling without worries of added cost.

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With VoIPTech, you can easily deploy a secure and customised communications solution, whilst protecting your customers and business data against an unwarranted security breach.

At VoIPTech Solutions, we are strict on encryption, access control, and endpoint security. We guarantee 24/7×365 system monitoring and optimisation. Our dedicated, round the clock technical experts ensure that we deliver services at the highest security level possible, mitigating system failures and errors effectively.

Integrate your existing software to our one-stop solution so you can always communicate with convenience, anywhere and anytime.

With VoIPTech, you can integrate your existing business systems and business apps including messaging, video-conferencing, and even CRM with your cloud phone system. With a business VoIP system, a wide range of new and advanced features are at a fraction of the price that you pay now. VoIP uses your local area network and the internet to connect the phone system to any phone—meaning, phones can be placed anywhere. If your operator charges extra for voicemail access and storage, VoIP offers it for free!

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Our industry-leading voip service fits your connectivity needs so you stay in constant contact with your employees and customers.

Businesses need flexible and reliable internet connectivity to support routine, day-to-day workload and activities in order to be more efficient and readily available to clients and prospects. Network downtime can potentially halt business operations and the disruption could lead to even greater damages. With VoIPTech, you no longer have to worry about disconnection, ever.

Communicate and collaborate for free or at a significantly lower cost with Unified Communications.

Whilst the big communications companies focus on profit, we focus on bringing our customers a reliable and fair-priced service. Communicating and connecting with your colleagues, partners, and customers become simpler and cost-effective when you rethink the way to improve your business, by boosting collaborative customer experience. The advanced innovative features of VoIPTech can help you achieve more productivity, higher efficiency, and better customer satisfaction rates.

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