How to Choose the Right Features for Your VoIP System

How to Choose the Right Features for Your VoIP System
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A VoIP system offers a plethora of features, but not all of them are important based on your preferences.

Hence, as someone from the IT field or as a homeowner, it is essential to choose a phone system that suits your individual needs. You would not want an enterprise-grade system installed in your home, and similarly, you would not want a standard home call system for your business.

It is no secret that there are plenty of VoIP features and benefits. There is so much that it can get a bit overwhelming in deciding what best VoIP phone features you may need for your home or business.

VoIP systems extend our communication capabilities, but you need to make an informed decision regarding the phone system features to ensure that you are getting all the necessary functionalities for the price.

Today, we’ll help you understand the important phone system features of VoIP and how to choose them. Let’s get started!

8 Best VoIP Phone Features Your VoIP System Must Have   

VoIP services offer functionalities that many people, as well as organisations, overlook. Take a look at our VoIP features list to ensure that you aren’t missing out on anything.

ChooseRightFeatures Infographic 1


Now that we have introduced the prominent features of a VoIP system let’s discuss each feature in detail.

Call Transferring Features 

Call transferring and holding are efficient and faster with VoIP; this is the most useful feature of VoIP. With call transfer, you can make crisp introductions required for a warm transfer or send a quick cold transfer. In cold transfer, the software is used to get hold of a customer and the call is then transferred to the customer service representative. In this case, the representative has no idea about what the customer concerns are. In warm transfer, the calls are transferred to the customer representatives where they take notes of who is calling, what is the purpose of their call, where are they calling from, etc.   Both ways, call transferring features establish a flawless connection between the recipient and the caller. The call transferring features can be sub-categorised into the following.

Busy Notification 

Busy notification is an essential feature in VoIP call transferring. When you transfer an incoming call to any other VoIP phone because your line is busy, it notifies the caller so that they don’t hang up.

Call Park 

A new extension is briefly assigned to a call when it is placed on park. Either the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) software displays an on-screen notification of a parked call or the phone announces what that extension will be.

You can pick up the call by dialling into that extension. It works in a way that you put the call on hold > park the call > dial any number or announce that the call is being held on that extension. Anyone can dial that extension for picking up the call.

Hot Desking 

Hot desking is a VoIP feature that lets you log into any device on your system and have your settings and user profile populated onto that device.

This is a handy feature for business owners who have field agents on cell phones or are running low on office space. In simple terms, with hot-desking, your extension becomes whatever phone you are presently logged into.

Escape Key 

Nobody likes waiting on hold. The escape key is one of the top VoIP phone features that lets you stop waiting on hold without abandoning the call altogether. It escapes the caller from the queue. After a minute on hold, the caller is notified that they can leave a message and someone from your company will get back to them shortly. This is especially important for your customers because they won’t feel like their queries weren’t attended.

Call Screening 

The call screening feature in a VoIP phone system has three primary functions –

  1. To see and hear who is calling
  2. To block unwanted calls forever
  3. Reply with text-to-speech messages

If you are fed up with spam calls from telemarketers, this is the feature you should look into.

Status Directories 

A VoIP directory contains the telephone numbers. In simple terms, it stores peer connection information of all users, making it easy for you to browse them accordingly.

Comparing call transferring features of various VoIP companies

Based on the features discussed above, the following table shows a comparison of call transferring features offered by prominent VoIP companies in the UK.

ChooseRightFeatures Table 1

Multi-Call Features

A multi-call feature in your VoIP phone system means that you can handle more than one call at the same time. A standard telephone system connects two individuals in a single call. However, a multi-call line in a VoIP phone is a step before that. Multi-Call features allow you to attend to multiple calls at once. You can attach multiple devices in a single line and make or answer calls from any device using the same number. The multi-call features of a VoIP include:

Conference Calls 

Conference calls connect two or more individuals over an internet connection at the same time. With conference calls, you can brief your whole team at once or talk to your friends in a group conversation. This is an incredible feature that you should consider in having your VoIP.

3-Way Calls 

3-way calling is different from your VoIP conference calls. It works in a way that when you receive a call, you can use your phone’s conference button to call the third party. This will put the caller on hold. Now, when you press the conference button again, the first caller will rejoin the call. So, 3-way calling allows you to talk with three parties at the same time. You can say that it is a subset of conference calls.

N-Way Calls 

N-way calls are similar to 3-way calls, but the only difference is that the number of users you can call will increase. Depending on the service provider, you can connect with up to 30 participants. This feature is perfect for office systems.

Answering Calls via Any Device 

Another VoIP multi-call feature is that you can attach multiple devices in a single line and make or answer calls from any device using the same number.

Follow Me Call (redirecting calls to other devices)

Follow Me Call is a call forwarding VoIP feature that allows your customers, associates, partners, employees, or anyone to reach you across multiple phone numbers.

Comparing multi-call features of various VoIP companies

ChooseRightFeatures Table 2

These features are included in the package you buy. As you can see, different companies offer different features within the multi-call functionality. The features you get will depend on the type of phone package you are buying.

  1. Phone Customisation Feature

The phone system comes with customisation options as well. You can personalise your VoIP phone experience with music, dialer tones, and more.

Hold Music 

Hold music is common phone customisation in a company call system, which is used when callers are put on hold until any further action or service is done. When the caller is put on hold, the hold music automatically activates and continues until the call is picked up.

Dial Ringtone 

Dial tone or dial ringtone is a modulating tone or a distinctive ring that is used to determine external and internal incoming calls in a company. This is a personal choice whether you want a ringtone or continue with the default ringtone. Homeowners prefer dial ringtones for their home call systems.

Tone Assignment 

You don’t always have to stick with the same old ringtone. You can change it whenever you want, just like your smartphone. If your VoIP package includes tone assignment, then it means you can change the ringtone of your phone whenever you want. In simple terms, multiple incoming numbers can be assigned their own distinct ringtones. It is a feature that differentiates calls from numerous inbound routes. That is, calls going through these inbound routes will have their own pre-defined or-configured ringtones.

You need to understand that features like hold music and dial ringtone influence mood. Different companies have different functionalities for phone customisation. If you are a business owner, hold music should matter to you because it plays a big role in customer satisfaction, caller retention, and reducing churn. It also affects the customer’s buying or decision-making behaviour.

VoIP phone service providers offer hold music and dial ringtone based on the following factors:

ChooseRightFeatures Infographic 2



  1. Cost Saving Features

The primary reason why homeowners and businesses in the UK are opting for VoIP is because of its cost-saving features. The services are available at a very low cost compared to traditional phone systems. VoIP subscriptions in the UK come with many attractive features that can help you save money. The most popular cost-saving features include:

Virtual Numbers (Local and International numbers)

First things first, VoIP vendors offer a cloud-based hosted solution. This means you don’t have to purchase any expensive hardware for your home or business. All you have to do is pay your subscription fee, and the service provider will maintain the technology required to run your virtual number.

Virtual numbers, both international and local, will work with your existing devices. The calls made will be charged based on the rates agreed in your plan. Businesses with a huge number of international clients can take virtual numbers, as it can drastically reduce your monthly phone bill.

Since IP calls travel over the internet from point to point, every call is technically a local call. So, whether you are calling a long-distance relative across the country or calling a customer across the road, the call quality will be the same.

Free VoIP to VoIP (For calls within offices) 

Vendors give customers the ability to make VoIP to VoIP calls for free. If you have an IP system installed within your office, then communicating with your employees becomes a lot easier.

You can make VoIP calls within the office, for which you will not be charged. However, it will depend on the service provider as well as the plan you have chosen.

Different VoIP vendors have different cost-saving VoIP standard features. For example, VoIPTech has several different VoIP call packages for different users and customers. Whatever services you are using, is provided in the final billing to ensure transparency of the service. There are no additional costs associated with the packages VoIPTech offers. You only pay for what you need.

#5 Call Quality Improvement Features 

One of the repeated concerns regarding calls is the quality of the audio.

But with VoIP, you get a lot of options. In VoIP, video and voice calling are offered in a variety of forms. VoIP call quality differs in terms of consumer use and business use. For businesses, dedicated services are provided to ensure that communication never breaks and is of top quality.

Home IP systems are also equipped with necessary functionalities to make sure that you experience high-quality calls. Below are the call quality VOIP features explained.

HD Calling 

HD calling is one of the VoIP features and benefits that delivers twice the sound as compared to your usual voice phone call.

HD calling offers benefits like better comprehension and clarity, especially for technical or long-detailed discussions. It also helps in understanding acronyms, which are usually missed on typical voice phone calls. The best part is that HD calling helps in differentiating between participants on a conference call.

It also helps in understanding multilingual or multi-national conversations where you have non-native speakers. Last but not least, HD calling provides more accurate transcriptions, both automated and human.

All in all, anything involving voice is better in HIgh Definition Voice, be it a speech-to-text process, a 15-person international conference discussion, or a simple person-to-person conversation.

Video Calls 

Video calls have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether it is business or informal.

With the introduction of VoIP video calls, it has influenced the right collaboration for the whole staff. Since VoIP calls are done directly over the internet, it reduces travel time and costs.

IT personnel, internal teams, and managers to be in client meetings without leaving their workplace helps the business drive productivity. A Quality VoIP service like VoIPTech will also help in arranging structured meetings with improved communications.

Softphone Calling 

A softphone, also known as software telephone enables VoIP calls from computing devices. It is an application program used by enterprises, especially in call centres. The application works in conjunction with a microphone and a headset, which enables VoIP calling from a typical telephone handset. It lets you receive or make calls on any device.

#6 Account Monitoring Features 

VoIP is a scalable call processing solution for monitoring and tracking your calls. Vendors equip their VoIP services with features and functions that help with account monitoring.

One of the account monitoring features that you would want in your VoIP package is disaster recovery. Whether there are power outages or unforeseen disasters, you need to keep your company’s call logs secure. VoIP comes with backup plans that track and records everyday call data.

Apart from that, there is a provision for in-call coaching where you can guide your trainee staff on how to deal with customers. Vendors like VoIPTech provide businesses and call centres with guided chat service.

If you have multiple offices, VoIP’s multi-office connection will help your offices stay connected through a single system.

#7 Call Reporting Features 

Prominent VoIP vendors like VoIPTech provide call-detail reporting capabilities to enterprises. VoIPTech’s auto-transcription feature gives businesses the benefit of automatic transcription of voice messages. This functionality comes in handy where you need to jot down information exchanged during a conversation. Moreover, you will also get an inbound and outbound call details report with your VoIP package.

System Add-Ons and Integrations 

Based on your needs, you can upgrade your VoIP package into a full-featured, unified communications and collaboration platform.

Besides your typical VoIP capabilities, vendors provide many system add-ons and integrations for a more advanced VoIP experience. This includes call-to-dial/click-to-call where a customer clicks directly on the telephone number provided on your website page, and the call is immediately processed. Apart from this, you will also enjoy features like call extensions for emails and Microsoft Office products, FAQ extensions, and CRM integration.

Things To Ponder On Before Making A Choice

Now that you know the features of VoIP, it is time to think about what features you would like to integrate into your communication system. While all the features that we have discussed are apt for both home and business purposes, you will need to keep in mind the following considerations:

  1. First and foremost, determine whether the feature you want to include in your VoIP package requires additional cost. If the feature is an add-on, then it might be costly.
  2. Next thing you need to determine is whether the features are free or not. So, contact the vendor and understand everything about the features you want. VoIPTech is transparent with its billing. If there are any additional costs, it will mention in the bill.
  3. Last but not least, determine whether the feature you are acquiring is  worth it for business or home use. If you find that this particular feature will ease down your business operation, then you should definitely go for it.


It is always important to look at the pros and cons of the VoIP features for business you want to avail. Also, VoIP features comparison should be promptly and vigilantly done so that you can make an informed decision.

VoIP is the future of calling. It is designed to increase the efficiency of calls and messages. You should consider having your standard phone system replaced with VoIP. And when doing so, you can look into the various features it provides and choose accordingly.

VoIPTech Solutions is a leading VoIP phone system provider that aims to help your

business growth.  The company offers a lot of valuable features that envisions to facilitate organizational communication channels more powerful and consistent.

The Wave internet phone system enables you to get affordable packages that include all features. This way it allows the access of robust VoIP services to both conglomerates and small businesses. Additionally, Wave leverages cloud security to back up all the data and configuration settings, thereby offering optimum security.

Wave is a streamlined platform and their VoIP services are designed to ensure that users leverage the maximum potentials of internet phone services.


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