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VoIP call packages, Phone Systems, Services and Plans for your Business

Our award-winning business cloud telephony services ensure that you’re available to your customers, wherever you are, and whenever they need you.

What’s more, we’re over 18p per minute cheaper than BT for standard peak rate UK geo calls* – and our access charges to 084, 087, 09 and 118 calls are over 13p per minute cheaper than BT.

Lite,Office or Unified?

Lite VoIP Call Package
A Standard set up is most beneficial for people who are just establishing their business or are self-employed/sole traders. It will help to improve your business presence, give you the option to keep in touch with customers wherever you are, which is essential for those who are working alone, and be much cheaper than using traditional telephone services.
Office VoIP Call Package

Our Plus VoIP Call Package is our top seller, and comes with everything you need straight out of the box. Want to add something to your package? No problem!

Don’t forget, calling between your multiple sites is free and you can host large calls with multiple users without it being expensive.

Unified Comms VoIP Package

Our Professional VoIP call package is perfect for businesses looking for more flexibility if you have multiple sites for example.

Calling between your multiple sites is free and you can host large calls with multiple users without it being expensive. With the option of voice menus, hunt call groups and voicemail-to-email services available, there are plenty more service options to make your business communications much simpler and effective using VoIP.

Our Most Popular VOIP Call Packages

Office Lite
Per Month
  • Full PBX Replacement
  • HD Voice
  • Voicemail
  • Hunt Groups
Per Month
  • Office Lite Plus
  • 3-Way calling
  • Call Park / Pick-up Groups
  • Hot Desking
  • Call Reporting
  • 24 / 7 x 365 Support
Per Month
  • Office Features Plus
  • Instant Messaging / Chat
  • Presence & Status
  • Video Conferencing
  • Desktop Sharing & File Transfer
  • Virtual Room (up to 15 guests) Plus Many More Features
Per Month
  • Blended Call Center
  • 500 Landline Minutes
  • 24 month Contract
  • 16 Features including Hunt Groups & Queues
  • Add Ons: Upgrade Phone and Add Broadband
  • Need More Users? Add Them At The Checkout

Looking for International Minutes Packages?

Per Second billing
Description Standard Economy Weekend

We understand our clients at VoIP Tech expect exceptional ROI for their services. With this in mind, we always give our local and global calls with per  second billing. Why are we doing that? It’s straightforward. We don’t want  you to pay for what you our customers don’t use. We want to correctly bill our clients for just the calls they make.

For example, a typical 130 second call with us is 1.6pence compared to BT PAYG at 37p.

We have, and always will, work hard to keep your costs down to ensure you can be there for your customers, wherever you are and whenever they need you.

VOIP Call Add-Ons


A hunt group is a number of employees that are able to receive incoming calls.


We can provide you with any area code in the UK.


A call queue places incoming calls in a queue to be answered whilst employees are busy with other calls.


Audio conferencing allows you to connect multiple called individuals to a single audio conference call.


Voice menus within a phone system can help direct your caller to the correct department.


Voicemail is a digital answering machine. You’ll be alerted to a new voicemail either via email, light indication, or a notification.

Memorable VoIP Numbers – having a highly memorable VoIP phone number can be advantageous. With VoIP, this can be organised for you to ensure that your business has a catchy combination of digits.

  • Call Recording – for those important VoIP calls you might need to listen to over again to check you’ve got all the important details.
  • International Numbers – a great asset for those businesses who are global or looking to expand overseas.
  • Call Forwarding Services- never miss a VoIP call again keeping your customers or clients happy.
  • Fax-to-email Services – Still using Fax? Send and receive faxes via email.

With so many ways to enhance your communications by configuring your VoIP calling services, if you can’t find something you’re looking for, please contact one of our team.

You can appreciate all the excellent advantages of our award-winning VoIP telephony service when you move to VoIPTech and keep your current number. To become a VoIPTech VoIP client does not imply that your current PSTN telephone number is lost. Within days of joining us, our dedicated porting team can transfer your current UK and global numbers to minimize any interruption to your enterprise.


£20.00 one off fee to transfer your number, capped at £200 if you have a lot of numbers in the same sequence to move.


VoIP Call Forwarding for Free

Protect your business with our affordable call forwarding service by never missing a call again. With call forwarding as an add-on to your VoIP, you can redirect any phone call to your office, PC or mobile phone from a UK or international phone number.

Our call forwarding facilities enable you to receive calls anywhere you go. All you need to do is select a UK or foreign call diversion telephone number, and let’s take care of the rest.


Forward Calls to UK Landlines

  • From 0.85p per minute

Call Forwarding (UK) Services

  • Forward calls from any UK or international number
  • Forward calls to UK landlines from just 0.85p per minute
  • Change the destination number at any time

UK Landline Calls

  • Forward calls to UK landlines from 0.85p per minute

UK Mobile Calls

  • From 8p per minute on weekends
  • From 8p per minute off-peak From 8p per minute during peak hours 


Award Winning Call Recording Package: £6.50pm*

With VoIPTech’s Award Winning VoIP call recording technologies, you can send call recordings directly to your preferred cloud storage service.

As quickly as your VoIP call recordings are pushed to the cloud, you will also receive notifications.

This function allows you to access your VoIP call recordings wherever you have internet access and also allows you to store or operate on them whenever you want.


International Numbers

Achieve a global presence and operate with an international VoIPTech phone number from any place.

Add a global number from a host of nations to your company VoIP telephony service, enabling nation specific customers to call you at local prices without any extra fees from VoIPTech to transfer the call to you.


Benefit of VoIPTech’s Telephony Services
  • Reduced phone bills with a flat monthly fee
  • Greater working flexibility
  • Keep in touch with your customers wherever you are
  • Free on-boarding service
  • Voice menus, hunt call groups and voicemail-to-email services
  • Reduction in multi-site costs – use our cloud-based system at all your business locations, with free calls between sites too
  • It’s simple to use and quick to set up
  • You can control your settings, users and call routing instantly online

With your business VoIP you’ll enjoy increased efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and the peace of mind to focus on your wider business operations.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIPTech’s telephone services enable you to create low-cost web calls using a range of distinct networks and operators to communicate cost-effectively and effectively with employees and customers around the world.

When using VoIP, your voice is transformed into digital information that is then transferred over the internet as data, unlike traditional telephone lines operate through a local telephone supplier. This makes VoIP as a way to communicate much more convenient and cost-effective.

Benefits of using VoIP?

One of the greatest advantages of using a VoIP telephony service is that you can communicate with anyone anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. If you are a company owner, VoIP allows you to easily call long distance, local, mobile and global numbers to help you grow and expand your company.

Would you like to remain in contact with friends or relatives overseas? VoIP is a cost-effective way to stay in contact. VoIP allows anywhere in the world contact with companies, vendors, friends or family while keeping expenses incredibly low. You can create calls via your PC, MAC, VoIP phone, including other portable devices such as iPads and tablets.

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Omni-Channel Integration


Many contact centres also have other systems running in parallel – like Payment Gateways or third-party reporting systems. The integrated contact centre and CRM platform presented on a single agent screen increases productivity and reduces manual errors.



Track the customer’s IVR journey and record those details in the CRM.

Customer details are presented to the agent in real-time which reduces call handling time and improves satisfaction

Automatically record Call Outcome, Call Duration, Call Notes and location of Call Recording in the CRM.


Our cloud delivery platform means that integration with other web based databases such as Salesforce.com or ServiceNOW can be completed within days and at minimal cost – in contrast with on-premise or hosted solutions where similar integrations are time consuming and often expensive.



Customers can be routed the most appropriate agent based on profile and previous activities.

Delivered in weeks not months at a fraction of the cost of traditional integration projects.

Agents can dial from their CRM application – reducing time and manual errors.