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Sales and Marketing

Growing and maintaining your prospect and customer list, managing call productivity, and executing time-sensitive phone campaigns all at once can be time-consuming, if not overwhelming. As your business grows, the management can become exponentially challenging.

We can help sales and marketing teams increase customer reach and conversions in less time by adding automation and intelligence to the sales process.

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At a Glance

Effective Communication

Create more powerful campaigns with our VoIP and call centre solutions.

Maximise Channel Impact

Set rules and notifications of messages you send and receive.

Enhanced Communication

Organise your ideas, products, and answers to market more effectively.

Packed Features

Reduced Marketing Costs

We offer all-inclusive packages that can be tailored to your business needs. It comes with features such as email marketing, IVR, and inbound & outbound calls to reach customers easily.

Report & Insights Analysis

Real-time reporting and sophisticated live dashboards enable you to monitor and effectively analyse, guide, and track the performance of your team and business.

Streamline Sales and Processes

Our system comes with cloud-integrated and streamlined sales planning platform. Tools and techniques are available and customisable to increase customer retention as well as revenue.

Qualify Leads Quickly

No need to worry about missed opportunities and bad deals ever again with our cloud-based monitoring system that lets you access and study customer profiles, needs, market, and competition data.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Our solution comes with a range of dialers that will increase your customer engagement, contact quality, and productivity.

Maximise Productivity

Handle calls while amplifying the team's productivity with our communications system that lets you make and receive calls easier.

Amplify Ease of Service

Set individual permissions in the web-based portal to effectively manage business operations without your team or clients needing constant supervision.

Focus on Scalability

Connect and collaborate with your clients through different platforms of communications, allowing real-time client engagement and metrics monitoring.

We offer solutions that take advantage of Cloud Phone System Services

Outbound and Inbound Calls

Maximise your client-agent communication and collaboration with a unified dashboard that lets you run integrations and command seamlessly.

Seamless System integration

Integrate business apps including messaging, video-conferencing, and even CRM with your existing cloud phone system.

Call Recording and Reporting

Automatically record incoming and outgoing calls for individual or multiple users. Reports are easily accessed through your device using mobile apps.

Maximise Technology and Reduce Cost

Features that can consolidate customer data into a single database, hence automating repetitive tasks and reducing unnecessary costs.

Easy Set-up and configuration

No technical knowledge required. Our customer service is available to walk you through the process and installation.

Automated Lead-to-Call Connection

Enable quick response to your customers so you can reach them effectively in real-time.

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