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Distributed Workforce

Foster a collaborative atmosphere in a flexible work environment

Distributed Workforce

Your workforce and workplace are everywhere, but are they driving productivity?

A digital workspace is now the cornerstone of the modern business office but managing multiple phone systems in offices in different locations can be taxing and inefficient. How can you make it all work?

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Your business line is EVERYWHERE

Choose your own number, may it be local or international, and use it to call anyone around the globe.

Communications and mobility in one

Connect, communicate, and collaborate in any way you want across all your devices.

Easy set-up and management

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to operate the system as configurations are automated and can be done in seconds.


Local or International Numbers

Choose your own business phone number, may it be local, international, or even non-geographic. This will allow you to be flexible on your business processes without worries of bill surges. It comes with the package.

Local and International Calling

International or even long-distance calls are rather expensive but placing international calls through a VoIP system is more efficient and cost-effective especially when your business takes international calls on a regular basis.

Shared Business Lines

Share one phone number across all your (or your employees) devices, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to answer client calls ever again.

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Uninterrupted Meetings

Our all-inclusive system lets you connect and collaborate with your clients or employees with just one tap in any of your mobile devices. It can be backed with fibre leased lines for uninterrupted conference meetings, especially if you opt for an upgrade.

Instant Messaging

Receive notifications from voice and fax message via email or SMS, through your desktop or mobile apps.

Convenient Team Communication

With VoIPTech’s communication solutions, team or one-on-one meetings are made even more convenient. Add or remove people while on an audio or video conference, and send messages through the chat box while others are discussing without interrupting the whole process.

Multilocational Connectivity

We promote seamless employee mobility as we also make sure that they stay connected wherever they are in the world. Connectivity is universal so you don’t have to worry about agent disconnection ever again.

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Our solutions come with the next generation of Cloud Phone System Services.


Settings, data, and configurations all backed in the cloud.

Reports and Analytics

We offer an open API management platform with built-in monitoring management for you to track your reports and analytics with just one click. We also provide 24/7 voice traffic and quality analysis to help you with your business decision-making.

Team Collaboration

You don’t have to wait for your employees to answer long emails. Our all-inclusive collaboration platform combines workplace chat and audio calls so you can reach them anytime.

Audio Conferencing

Get connected instantly with people in an audio conference call with local dial-in support.

Call Monitoring

You or any of your authorised users can listen to calls, monitor conversations, provide assistance, as well as facilitate discussions at any given hour of the day.

IT-Support services

We have trained and highly qualified experts to answer your queries and needs in case you run into a problem with your system.