The future is here – All you need to know about 5G

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All You Need to Know About 5g Technology

 Mobile phones are no more just a medium of attending and answering your calls. Mobile phones have their functionality far beyond the traditional usage. There is hardly anything that your phone cannot do nowadays. Ranging from answering your calls to watching a movie and performing your official work, there is a lot that smartphones can do. Internet is the constraint, which enables all the above to be delivered as quickly as a wink. With the advancement of technology, we have also moved ahead by upgrading our network starting from 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4g. But now there is a new and faster medium of technology coming up which will set the world ablaze by the speed it offers. Yes, you heard it right, the technology has introduced ‘5g’, and everything about it is worth knowing.

What is 5g?

5g, as the name suggests, stands for the fifth-generation mobile network and is a speedy version of the earlier existing networks. It will not just connect people on a global level making use of a network, but it can also connect devices and machines at the same time offering higher levels of functionality. It is all set to offer increased efficiency and performance to empower the users with something where they will never experience buffering and waiting. It is said that fifth-generation data transmission will be deployed, making use of standalone and non-standalone phases. In the case of non-standalone phase, The control mechanism will be governed by the current LTE or 4g network, and the transfer of data will take place using the latest fifth-generation technology. And if we talk about the standalone phase, then both the functionalities are carried out by making use of 5g technology of data transmission.

Earlier versions of mobile network

As mentioned above, 5th gen is an upgraded version of a previously existing network. Let us discuss in short about the previous existing networks:

 1G- The first generation mobile network was able to deliver only analogue calls

2G- The second-generation cellular network was able to deliver digital voice. CDMA is the best example to understand 2g network.

3G- The third generation network provides users with mobile data, and people were able to access many things using their mobile phones.

4G- This is the fourth generation mobile network which brought a change in the mobile network and made your handheld device a small world that you can carry in your pockets.

 How does 5g technology works?

4G offered LTE network, 5G is also operated making use OFDM bases principles. The up-gradation in 5g network that is ‘New radio’ or NR is so designed that it will deliver higher scalability and flexibility constraints to the user. Not only will fifth-generation deliver a speedy channel to use the internet far beyond the services provided by a broadband connection but will also enter into other areas such as critical communications.

Advantages of 5g over 4g

Here are various advantages of 5g over 4g network:

  • A 5g network can offer a platform that is more capable and functional in comparison to the 4g network.
  • Speed is one of the most important constraints that make 5g better than 4g.
  • 5g network has lower latency and more capacity than the 4g network
  • The spectrum of 5g is comparatively higher than 4g.

Advantages of Using 5G Network

There are numerous advantages of switching to 5g, here are a few of them:

It is superfast

Seeing the name 5g, you must have already interpreted that it is going to offer you high-speed data transmission. But merely mentioning speed is not all, you need to know how fast it is going to be in comparison to the 4g network. If you simply think that it will be faster than 4g network or LTE connection, then you need to understand that it will not just be quicker but many times faster than 4g. You can say that even the broadband connection that you use at home will lose its popularity with the advent of 5g. So the future of 5g is quite probable, you can get to see some speedy surfing with the evolution of 5g. In fact, many of us may never have experienced such a speed in our lifetime. And, the speed that we are considering here is only about the first generation and upcoming versions can be higher on the count of providing a speed factor.

Higher capacity

If you are only considering the speed that 5g is all set to offer, then you need to know that there is a lot more than 5g can offer. It will put the data speed on the blaze, but there are many other constraints too that 5g will offer. 5g is going to possess higher capacity meaning that it will be able to support more number of data connections in comparison to the yesteryears. The number of connections will never be a limitation for 5g network. To understand it in a simpler way, just think of an event where you have last been to. Have you ever experienced that your data connection has gone slow or in fact must have stopped working? Have you wondered why this happens when you are surrounded by a number of people? The answer is the inability of the service provider to support so many network connections at a time. Yes, you have heard it right, when you have too many people at the same place with everyone carrying their 4g handsets in hand, then the chances are that you may tend to lose the data connection or may experience a slow network. But with the evolution of 5g, these problems are going to be resolved, and you can enjoy a speedy data connection despite being surrounded by a huge crowd. According to the International Telecommunication Union Standards, it is said that 5g technology can support millions of connections at a time per square kilometre.

Latency is going to be upgraded with the evolution

Latency can be thought as the overall time taken by the network to transmit data. 5g is an upgraded version and is all set to overrule the latency of the previous network connections. 5g networks are enabled such that it can support connections with lower latency. And, thus the communication using 5g will be triggered at a greater speed in comparison to the previous years.

5g is not just restricted to your smartphones

If you are thinking that you can access the 5th gen network only from your smartphones, then there is some good news for you. It’s not just for your smartphones; the areas of functionality are far beyond the smartphones. Of course, it can get your smartphone some speedy options, but it is worthy to note that it can also support any connected device. Isn’t that great? Self-driven cars will also be able to excel in communication at a speedy pace. Other instruments such as headsets, PC’s, smart home devices, etc. will also be benefited by 5g network and will stand high on the service provided by them. Checking out your social media accounts after implementation of 5g will be real fun as no more time will be wasted in buffering. A simple click and there you go will be the motto of the 5g network.

 You can ditch your modems

With the evolution of technology, wireless technology has been the most preferred medium which offers extreme mobility factors. Also, it offers speed and reliability. Same is the case when you think of 5th gen; it is capable of delivering speed that is unmatched and unparalleled. And, very soon you may find yourselves getting rid of your cable modem connections.

It has been under process for quite some time

5g has already been implemented in some countries and are gaining widespread usage. But to be precise, the work started for quite some time; you can say the work began around the year 2008. NASA was the first to study this technology and later on, in 2013, two countries, namely India and Israel, entered into a partnership to bring this technology in their countries. Also, China invested in funding the research for 5g technology.

It will be widely spread within the year 2020

In the year 2019 in April, Verizon had announced that they would be rolling in 5g network in two cities of US, Minneapolis and Chicago. Furthermore, the CEO of the same company stated that in the days to come they would also expand their market to a count over 30 Million users. But still, 5g is yet to spread its roots worldwide. It is believed that 5g will be widespread by the end of 2020 and will bring a revolution in terms of data connectivity and data speed.

5g is all set to give your data plan a reconsideration

In today’s era if you are acquainted with using 4g network and if you believe that the 4g data plans are chewing up your data plan in a month and causing stress on your finances, then 5g can do the same within a week! Yes, you read correctly, the billing cycle of 5g can consume the same data in a week that a 4g network can do in one month. However, the benefits will be so great that you will never think of switching back to 4g once you use 5g. If you get to know that all your movies and songs can be downloaded within a fraction of seconds, then there may be hardly a few who will turn their backs from using 5g.

Architecture is something that will be totally new

As mentioned above, the features such as latency, speed, and compatibility will trigger the 5g network with an opportunity to use new architecture and designs that you may not have witnessed any time before. 5g network is supposed to use more features such as Cloud RAN, video caching, HetNets, UltraHD videos, loT gateways, etc.

Trials are going to take place soon

Verizon has already announced its trial beds, apart from this company, many companies are towards the verge of announcing the 5g network. Companies like Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, NEC, etc. are soon to test the 5g network.

Wi-Fi is not going to die a natural death soon

Many of you might be thinking that with the outburst of fifth-generation technology, Wi-Fi is going to lose its importance and will proceed towards coming to an end. But this is not true in the context of the evolution of 5g. Wi-Fi and 5g will continue to work side by side and will rapidly evolve with the passage of time. 5g has not entered to lessen the growth of Wi-Fi serving in corporate offices but are there to provide ease of connectivity to a number of more devices. It can cause an escalation in the count of devices that can be connected using the latest 5g technology. Bringing about a change in the world and its expected to serve more users with speedy data transmissions in comparison to the figures that existed ten years back.

It will also implement public safety

Yes, you are not dreaming, you have heard it right! fifth-generation technology will also enable the efficient operation of municipalities, ensuring better safety constraints. The companies will now be able to track all the activities remotely using sensors and can report any unpleasant or suspicious activity to the concerned departments for better safety of the public. In the case of street lights not working properly, the case of floods or any such similar activities can be reported using 5g technology in surveillance cameras.

It will offer higher precision

5g technology will make use of radio frequencies that are directional and of higher value in comparison to its 4g counterpart. It is said that the 5g technology will make use of frequencies in the range of 30 GHz to 300 GHz whereas the current frequency range used by the 4g network is only approximately 6 GHz. Now you might be wondering how this frequency variation brings a change in the quality and speed? For this, you need to understand the proportionality aspect between speed and frequency. The higher the frequency, the greater the ability of the network to support data transmission at a speedy pace. Also, it does not interfere with any other signals coming its way and prevents it from being over cluttered. So you can expect uninterrupted services by using 5g data as it makes use of high frequency on the go.

The directional constraint is also an important factor to consider because you need to understand that the 4g towers are capable of transmitting data all over and thus waste a lot of energy and power. This causes weak network and inconvenience in browsing due to slow speed; this drawback is removed in the case of 5g network.  The wavelengths used by 5g network is comparatively less than 4g, and thus they have smaller antennas. This facilitates the network from preventing any kind of interferences that may occur due to the wavelength.

Enhanced download speed

We all love to browse the internet without seeing the buffering circle popping up and causing an interruption in our browsing. And nobody can deny the fact that we all prefer a network that can offer great speed to download and browse. In order to attain great speed, it is necessary that the interference is minimum so that the speed is not affected while browsing. Using 5g means one can take advantage of uninterrupted services. To be precise, it is said that the download speed of 5g in contrast with the 4g network is approximately twenty times more than the download speed of 4g.

Can offer better control over drones

Yes, the upcoming 5g technology will also enhance the capability of the drones. The 5g network will help in attaining better quality videos and pictures taken by the drone. It will also allow the user to gain precise and better control over it. Especially if you own a business that makes use of network-related chores or if you have an online business which makes you depend on the usage of the network, then 5g can prove to be a boon for you. It can help you get your tasks done at a speedy pace. It can also bridge the skill gap and enhance the recruitment process of a company.

It can benefit small and large scale business

Not just talking in terms of speed and data transmission, 5g can also benefit the business owners. It can enhance the standard of communication for business purposes and can fledge with remote access to the employees of a firm. This will further lend a hand in increasing the productivity and success of a company.

It can be taken as a replacement of broadband connection

With the advent of 5g technology, broadband connections will be replaced by this fifth-generation technology. Different companies have already started taking trials of 5g, and soon you can get the good news of this technology being available in your country.

Technology with a guarantee

5g network is all set to guarantee you the awesomeness of surfing. Yes, the plans are not going to be cheap, but you can attain a guarantee oriented 5g service without any interruptions.

Self-driven cars

You may have heard of cab companies like Uber and Ola cabs investing in auto driven cars. Furthermore, with the outburst of 5g network, automated car facilities like the parking facility will become much easier. Fully automated cars can give better functionality making use of 5g network.

Limitations to 5g network

5g is of course set to bring about a change and is here to take the world to another level. But apart from the numerous advantages, it has a few challenges too. Here are a few challenges faced in implementing 5g technology:

Testing is not that easy

Before going live with 5g technology, it is mandatory to test the same. Every product or service that is launched is tested before it takes a position to go live and active. The testing of 5g technology has already started, and many companies are on the verge of testing it in all aspects. But the process is not easy, and it will take quite some time to roll out the 5g technology on the whole. It is not a quick process that can be accomplished over time and will take a considerable period to live up to the expectations of the users and to go on stream.

Spectrum purchase

We have already learned that 5g technology is going to make use of broader spectrums. But for this, it needs to purchase the spectrum for its operation. You need to note that the spectrum purchase is not easy to use and doesn’t come for free. Also, it involves a lot of paperwork, including permissions and approvals for purchasing a spectrum. This is not a simple thing at all and can consume a lot of time for getting approvals and green flags.

Compatibility issues

We are soon to see 5g technology taking a top-notch in many countries worldwide but the manufacturers are yet to deploy 5g compatible devices on the contrary. It will take time to release phones and devices which will support 5g technology; thus, you can consider it to be a challenge that you may have to deal with till late this year.

Rolling out 5g is expensive

It is but evident that 5g is not going to be cheap due to the multiple features and uninterrupted services that it promises to give its users. There are numerous expenses that go hand in hand with 5g technology. May it be spectrum licensing costs, testing and retesting costs, hardware deployment, or hiring technicians, these are enough to cause stress on the pockets of the developers. So 5g is not a budget-friendly technology; instead, it is expensive to deploy.

 Increased speed and uninterrupted data transmission are the two significant factors that 5g technology promises to its users. 5g is set to unpin the drawbacks of the 4g network and to provide speed in browsing data over the internet. 5g has been brewing over a year now and are currently bearing the fruits of all the research and testing process that has continued for over a year now. It can offer functionality far beyond the speed factor and can replace your broadband connections. 

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