4 Reasons Why You Should Use A VoIP Number

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Businesses are shifting their communication systems to VoIP because it is more beneficial for them to have an alternative system that is more efficient and entails less cost. 
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Time to Read | 6 mins

Today’s telecommunication system has come a long way as it continues to be on par with technological evolution. It started from a traditional way of acquiring phone numbers into a more accessible communication system. 

Be it for business or personal use; telecommunication is becoming more flexible as the demand for efficiency gets stronger in the industry. 

The hottest trend in the telecommunication market today is the use of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP.  VoIP uses an internet connection to make calls and videos without having to go through regular phone lines.

Since its introduction to the market, companies have switched to this method of communication for several good reasons. Let’s take a closer look at how VoIP Phone Number works and the technology behind its system.

What are VoIP numbers? 

VoIP number or  Voice over IP number is the number designated to you as a VoIP user. It is a combination of digits that you use to make a call; much like the function of regular landlines.  

VoIP numbers include: voip numbers include

  • Country code Area code
  • Central office code
  • Line number or also called the subscriber number.

But contrary to how regular phone lines work, VoIP numbers can be used to call someone using the internet. You can use any internet-enabled device such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and WiFi VoIP phone to make a call if you are connected to the internet.

As an alternative to traditional phone service,   VoIP numbers heavily rely on the technology behind the transmission of your phone calls over the internet. VoIP numbers have two types of categories according to the presence of your physical address. These are the fixed VoIP number and the non-fixed VoIP number. 

Fixed VoIP number vs Non-fixed VoIP number

  • Fixed VoIP number

This type of VoIP number is associated with a physical address such as your home or office address. 

It is like a traditional office phone system that requires an address for landline service to be provided. Since fixed VoIP numbers are portable, you must always update your address wherever you go within your provider’s system. 

  • Non-fixed VoIP number

Non-fixed VoIP numbers are also known as virtual phone numbers that do not require a fixed physical address and can be freely associated with any geographical location. 

This type of VoIP number is best for small businesses that want to establish a local presence. It also offers great flexibility for global communications within remote teams. 

Most companies are transitioning to VoIP numbers because of the efficiency that it brings to their business. 

There is a significant disparity between VoIP and regular phone numbers when it comes to mobility. Let’s look at the difference between the two number systems.

 Area CodeMode of transmissionAccessibilityFlexibility
VoIP NumberNot limited to a specific locationUtilizes data networks to make callsCan be accessed through any internet-enabled devicesMaximises the use of conference calls 
Regular Phone NumberAssigned to a specific location or physical addressThe call travels through copper phone linesTied to a landline device in-home or office phoneCan only accommodate one call at a time

Businesses shift their communication systems into using VoIP numbers because it is more beneficial for them to have an alternative system that is more efficient and entails less cost. 

Reasons why you should use VoIP numbers

There’s a big shift in how regular phone numbers were used either for personal or business purposes. 

Before VoIP numbers were introduced, homes and offices usually consulted with their network providers to have a phone connected to their place. Landline phones are an important commodity that makes business transactions fast and bridges the gap between friends and family over long distances. 

However, this kind of setup costs a lot of expenses because of call charges and tax. As communication becomes more global, the demand for an easier and faster telecommunication system should be highly prioritised. 

This caused the emergence of the use of VoIP numbers. It made telecommunication more convenient for everyone. Aside from that, there are other profitable reasons why you should shift to using VoIP numbers. Here are the reasons why:

Reason #1 Can be Accessed Through Any Internet-enabled Device 

It does not limit the interaction between two people when making calls. International calls are made possible and even the local calls are not limited to specific areas only. 

Technological advancement made a great leap in changing the way we communicate. Through the creation of VoIP numbers, different ways of interactions through calls are made possible. 

You can now do a 2-way or 3-way calling through your mobile phones, laptop, or computers. Your friends can catch up with you anytime and share their problems in real-time. You can even record your video conversation and watch it if you randomly miss them. 

If you cannot attend family gatherings, you can call your mom and dad during special occasions.  A video call captures special moments as they happen. It will make you feel like you are with them even when you are miles away. 

Reason #2 Maximizes The Use of Conference Call

For businesses, it becomes easier for owners and staff to connect to their employees in other regions or countries through teleconference calls. 

Company monitoring and business movements become easier through VoIP numbers. Supervisors can also easily connect their members through free VoIP to VoIP calls. 

According to Business Matters Magazine, the use of VoIP numbers can lower the cost of your phone call expenses as compared to the traditional phone system. This advancement proves that telecommunication transcends through time with the help of technology.

Reason #3 Not Limited to A Specific Location

Your area code is not limited to a specific location. There is no need for you to register a home or office address because you can directly change your location to wherever you are. 

On a traditional phone system, you need to remember the right area codes to make a call. With that, a lot of time will be wasted by contacting your provider to transfer your phone number to a new location where you are located.

With VoIP phone numbers, you get more freedom to move from one location to another as your business demands. There are no physical limitations as to where you can make calls and to whom you can communicate. 

Reason #4 Utilizes Data Networks to Make Calls

Before the introduction of VoIP numbers, it is impossible to make calls without using a landline because the only way for calls to be transmitted is through copper phone lines. But with VoIP numbers, you can make a call at any location through the use of data networks. 

There are different types of data networks but most of them are wireless and are accessible anywhere. It also gives you access to features that benefit your remote work. More than that, it is cost-efficient as it does not require you to pay for a landline connection.

How to get a VoIP number?

If you find this time the right timing to get your VoIP number, there are things that you need to take before you can start doing and taking calls. To help you get started with VoIP, here is a  step-by-step process on how you can get your VoIP number for your business:

Find a VoIP provider that fits your needs and situation. VoIP services usually come in plans with the inclusion of a specific number of minutes that you can use over a specific period. 

If you are planning to get a VoIP number for your home, you can opt for a cheaper plan. But if it is for business, get a plan that allows you to do international calls with an expansive number of minutes.

Once you’ve chosen your provider and plan, you may either download your provider’s mobile application or purchase a VoIP equipment. Providers like Wave allows you to download their application on your mobile phones and browsers for easy access.

Wave also includes great features in their packages to help you get the most out of your system. One of the included features is a virtual receptionist who can assist you with concerns and inquiries. On top of that, their platform is designed to be almost completely disaster-proof. This gives you fewer worries when using their service.

After downloading your provider’s mobile application, you can get your new phone digits or transfer an existing one. Scan through the application to see the inclusion of your plan. Most providers allow you to customize voicemail messages. You can also do an optional upgrade to get an international number and do permanent call recording

Finally, you are now ready to make and take calls! If you are having problems with your VoIP number, call your provider’s virtual receptionist for help.

Getting a VoIP phone number for a business or personal use helps a lot when it comes to communication. As mentioned,  VoIP’s flexibility and efficiency make a perfect combination for your upgraded communication system. 

Setting up a VoIP system does not need rocket science and can be done in  5 minutes or less to get you started with ease. 

It is important to have a trustworthy provider whom you can call when problems arise. Your gain is as important as your investment. Make the most out of it and enjoy a hassle-free communication all year round. 

Choose a reliable provider for your VoIP phone number in the UK. Give us a call at 020 3745 0201 or visit our website to know more about the packages that Wave offers.  Let us help you elevate your business and stay on top of the industry. 



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