11 Advantages of VoIP for Business

11 Advantages of VoIP for Business
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Every business requires an efficient communication platform that will save costs. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) look for cost-effective means while running their business.

The conventional phone happens to be a costly system that businesses would like to replace.

However, for a business that’s looking for a cost-effective and efficient platform for telecommunications, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the best solution.

There are many advantages of VoIP systems, but before going any further, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows users to make calls using the internet rather than the conventional phone system or the analogue.

There are numerous benefits to having the VoIP system in your office or at home.

Today, we will look at the advantages of using VoIP systems as a cost-effective solution in managing the telecommunications aspect of your business.

Wave is one of the best phone systems designed to help your business grow. It is simple, secure, flexible and the best communication choice for your business.

Benefits of Having a VoIP System in Your Office

Experience the benefits of using a VoIP system with Wave being one of the best VoIP solutions out there. We are going to be giving you a detailed guide into the advantages of the VoIP system:

  • Reduced cost on your telephone systems

When it comes to cost, companies can get numerous advantages of VoIP over traditional telephony.

VoIP makes use of internet protocols for connection, meaning that communication data goes into packets that are sent over the internet.

When you use a reliable and trustworthy service provider, you can be sure of high-quality services at affordable rates.

  • Access to service mobility

Service mobility at a reduced cost is another advantage of VoIP, especially for those who run mobile businesses. Traditional telephone systems or analogues need correct codes to dial, and when you have a change of number, you have to contact your network provider.  VoIP only requires internet access for any call services.

  • Many features are accessible with VoIP

Technology is always evolving. VoIP started with basic call features for subscribers and it has continuously developed. Nowadays, there are various call options, use over multiple devices and multi-tasking call monitoring, and many more.

You can send voicemails to your callers and forward messages which is a significant advantage of VoIP over Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). VoIP systems give you the privilege to choose from various services and subscription packages.

  • Simplified conference calling

Creation and participation in conference calls become a lot easier with a VoIP system. Save on cost as VoIP subscription allows your conversations to be presented in real-time.

simplified conference calling 1


  • Worldwide access to communication tools

Work remotely and productively using VoIP system using data and voice services using the internet once there is access to a data connection.

  • Network flexibility

One of the advantages of VoIP is that your IT team can enjoy working without the need to be constricted to a specific layout. The complexities attached to the use of the traditional phone network are suddenly eliminated. It means that the IT team requires less management and has more functioning time. This is because it can be used on a computer, a mobile app, or a traditional desk phone

  • Multiple Contact Points for Each User

Compared to the traditional phone system VoIP connections allow a single ring to multiple devices when it goes unanswered on one device, which means that you have access to your calls wherever you are.

  • Easy installation

With the understanding of the operation of your mobile devices or computer, you can easily manage your VoIP services without the need for professional installation. You don’t have to re-route any wires or re-configure hardware components.

  • Highly secure and reliable

Voice over the internet was not a marketable possibility because the internet was barely below dial-up speed. Now that the internet has become more reliable than ever before, voice over the internet has become a possibility, leaving you with the best of telecommunication services at affordable prices.

As for the issue of security, there are many protocols put in place to prevent your sensitive from getting into the wrong hands.

  • Highly scalable

Scalability is another excellent advantage VoIP has over a traditional telephone system. For the conventional post-paid services, you pay according to the services used while VoIP, on the other hand, gives you the capacity to manage your costs since your subscription covers it.

With the VoIP network, you can quickly scale the number of extensions by adding new phones to expand your network.

  • Easy system integration

Companies have numerous systems and technologies that can get complicated at times.VoIP system easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.

You can practically do anything with your underlying systems and not have to worry about changing anything.

Increased Phone System Security

In this section, we are going to be looking at how the VoIP system protects personal information of callers and phone users.

  • Firewall security: Without firewall security, cybercriminals can easily steal personal information. With a trusted VoIP system, you can be sure of reliable, dynamic and updated firewall security that protects sensitive information from any breach. VoIP functionality demand for low latency, a stable connection, high availability and throughput, and the data over these lines can only be protected using the best of firewall security.
  • Access list for each transaction: Track and manage different operations with VoIP system that keeps you informed of ongoing and outgoing calls. This also helps providers lock down the accounts of customers to prevent scamming and identity theft.  This is possible by authorizing against the listed IP address of the customer and locking out every other IP address.
  • Call-recording details:  VoIP systems make use of the active and passive call recording protocols, all of which are used randomly to listen in to calls to check for any irregularities in call behaviours. This check can indicate fraudulent calls and the next thing would be to take steps to stop these routes and fraudulent calls.
  • Password Protocol: Secure your VoIP system with a password protocol that limits its exclusive used within company boundaries.
  • Calamity back-ups: No company or organization can afford to lose valuable data. With a VoIP system, you don’t have to worry about calamity back-ups. VoIP systems have cloud-based back-ups that protect every bit of information in your system.

Helping Your Business Grow

With many advantages of VoIP and security cover, the one thing left for us to talk about is how switching to this system would benefit your business.

Ask any business owner and each one will tell you the same thing that they will not invest in something if there is no return. VoIP system doesn’t only give a better ROI, but it helps your businesses to grow.

VoIP makes calling easier regardless of any location

Call anywhere and anytime without thinking about the cost.

VoIP system lets you make calls to any location around the globe.

VoIP makes call monitoring easier

With internet connection as your primary communication line, VoIP system makes call monitoring easier by letting you transfer fax and voice communications into the digital packets where everything can be stored, searched for and monitored easily.

VoIP provides better customer support

Excellent customer support reflects the reputation of a business.

Clients need excellent customer care that immediately responds to queries and complaints.

VoIP system provides better customer support as its features are all integrated into an effective system that serves the interest of clients.

VoIP provides in-call guidance to employees

When aiming to provide the best training for your team members, VoIP allows you to sit in on calls so you can provide constructive criticism and guidance they need so they can perform at the top of their game.


VoIP has beyond a doubt moved up the ranks serving as one of the best ways to not only save cost but also service the needs of clients without having to worry about most of the problems that come with the traditional telephone system.

We have covered many of the advantages of VoIP phone systems and many of these advantages as we have highlighted here can and will help your business grow.

At VoIPTech, we offer the best VoIP services, and with the best security protocols as well. This is because we bring together high functionality and safety, helping you achieve your business goals with a feeling of total security.

Would you like to find out more about our unique services? Feel free to give us a call today and we would answer all your enquiries.



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