10 Office Mistakes that Stunts Business Growth

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The 10 Common Office Mistakes Everyone Makes And How To Fix Them

Working in the corporate sector is not that difficult. You have to come to the office on time in appropriate clothes, complete your work on time, and be a calm and focused employee. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to avoid office mistakes.

Due to increasing traffic, reaching the office on time is difficult even if you leave home on time. Moreover, no matter how much you want to complete the tasks on time, you are not always able to. And with those deadlines and workload, it is almost impossible to stay calm and not worry.

These are some of the office mistakes that are not in your control. However, you can try and avoid the following 10 mistakes:

Office mistakes infographic

1. Emailing The Wrong Person

Your work email will be full of multiple threads where you are talking to your boss and co-workers. It is possible that you send a casual mail to your boss instead of a co-worker. Not only could the casual mail be regarding something your boss should not know but it could also contain grammatically incorrect language, and not all bosses are okay with that.

In case you mix up and send such an email to your boss, it is better to apologise politely and assure your superior that there will be no repeat. Also, try to avoid talking casually with your co-workers over emails. Just leave them a text on their personal number or call them instead.

2. Missing A Deadline

Missing a deadline is one of those office mistakes where you leave a negative reflection of your dependability and your job performance.

If you are someone who has tasks lined up, missing one of them is completely natural. Yes, sometimes it slips your mind or you forget to check your calendar. However, if doing so can result in a blunder, it is better to apologise in person to the person affected and convey to them that this is not your work ethic and will not be repeated. You must avoid apologising over email or via a phone call since it does not look sincere or professional.

3. Gossiping About Your Co-worker Or Boss

This is probably amongst the most common office mistakes, and this office communication mistake is almost impossible to avoid. While it may seem relaxing to bitch about your boss or co-worker during a coffee break with your trustworthy office buddy, you must remember that people around you might not be as reliable as your workmate.

If the person whom you are gossiping about comes to know about it, they may develop a negative perspective of you and may not be friendly towards you in the future.

4. Overworking

If you have recently joined the office, chances are you are raising your hand for extra work, or you might be working beyond your work hours just to impress your boss. This is amongst the most common office mistakes, especially by those who are just starting a new job.

Yes, you may love working and have nothing to do after office hours, but overworking will only decrease your efficiency. The world appreciates quality over quantity. If you want to impress your boss and co-workers, try to focus on improving the quality of your work rather than overworking.

Overworking can also exhaust you in the long run. What seems to be your passion now could become a dreadful responsibility later.

5. Multitasking

Wearing too many hats will only confuse you. While you are working on one project, you might be concerned about two, three, or even more other projects. Along with that, you might be eating your lunch and talking over the phone while working.

You might like to challenge yourself and do it all, but remember, multitasking affects your productivity, quality of work, and focus.

Everything might seem important but you must learn to prioritise tasks and only start the next one when the current task finishes. This way, you can avoid confusion, concentrate on a single task, and increase your efficiency.

6. Complaining About Work

Venting online or offline is one of the biggest office mistakes you could make. While you might have applied all the privacy filters to your social media account, your complaints could still reach your boss or co-workers.

Most of the time, your boss or the company you are working in is not even aware that you are unsatisfied with your work. Try to talk to your superior about your problems. They have hired you because they like your work, and if you are a valued employee, they will alter things according to your wishes.

7. Not Taking A Break

Completing things on time is a good habit, but if you are not taking a break for having your lunch in order to finish tasks on time, you are committing one of the major office mistakes. Having lunch at your desk while working might seem to be timesaving but remember, doing so will only decrease your productivity over time.

You must take some time off to recharge your batteries by walking around your office or taking a 15-minute walk outside. Also, if you have not taken any time off for more than six months, you should take a holiday soon. This way, you will be able to focus better, not feel overworked, and be efficient in what you are doing in the long run.

8. Not Admitting When You Do Not Know Something

Sometimes, we tend to forget how to do the easiest of things, and asking your superior or co-worker how to do it seems silly. You might feel that your problem is stupid and small and, thus, stop yourself from asking about it.

You prefer to guess instead. However, guessing does not help every time. You must not refrain from asking about your doubts even though they feel small and silly.

Instead of wasting time figuring out how to do something, asking someone experienced will not only save your time but also make you learn from their experience.

9. Isolating Yourself

If you have joined a new company, you might feel that you are not fitting in. Feeling out of place is not uncommon, but you must try to blend in. If you do not interact with your co-workers, asking for their help when you feel confused or directionless will be difficult for you.

Additionally, you will find going to work every day boring if you do not have friends in the office. Shutting yourself off and staying glued to your screen seems easy, but in the long term, you must not isolate yourself.

If you are new, you could start by asking your co-workers’ names and designation. Try to have lunch with others so that you get to know your colleagues during the informal conversations.

10. Not Saying No

One of the biggest office mistakes is not saying no. Yes, you want to be nice and build rapport with your colleagues and boss, but that does not mean that you do not ever say no. Taking up your co-workers’ extra work will only decrease your productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, if your colleagues start seeing you as someone who never says no, they will not stop asking you for favours. This may initially seem harmless, but can eventually be a big problem if you are the only one doing the favours.

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